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Rita Reicher

Rita Reicher acknowledges that Central New York helped her company, KS&R, prosper for more than 30 years, attracting a talented workforce that set the firm up for success.

Feeling fortunate for all the community gave to her, Rita set out to express her gratitude through charitable giving. Rita established a donor-advised fund at the Community Foundation to help administer her giving. As a board member, she was familiar with the Community Foundation’s efforts to encourage and facilitate philanthropy. 

“The staff works hard to help people understand the importance of giving, ensure the funds are managed to grow as much as possible for the benefit of the community and identify the region’s needs and the resources needed to address them,” she said.

Rita was pleasantly surprised by the convenience and added benefits she experienced by being a fundholder.

“I used to give to my favorite charities by writing check after check – a time consuming and tedious effort – before establishing my fund,” she said. “Now giving to multiple charities, both here and around the globe, is quick and easy with just the click of a button.”

After using her fund for a short time, Rita was delighted to find that growth in the fund will allow her to give more to the charities she holds most dear.

“It was exciting to see that by allowing my fund to grow in the Community Foundation’s investment pool, I can give more over time than I would have been able to previously,” she said.

When asked what she would tell a fellow business owner who may be wondering whether they should give charitably, she responded, “Just do it.”

Knowing the many flexible giving options the Community Foundation offers for various situations, she recommends reaching out to staff to find the right fit for each unique situation.

“You can establish a fund at the Community Foundation without being immensely wealthy and begin taking advantage of its benefits right away,” she said. “It’s a win-win for everyone.”

If you're interested in opening a donor-advised fund, learn more here.