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The Reids

Roger and Maggie Reid learned at a young age that giving back to the community should be an integral part of their lives. The couple is planning to carry on this notion by leaving behind a legacy that will ensure their giving will have a lasting impact on the Central New York community.

Four generations of Reids have called Syracuse home, forging a strong bond with the local community. When Roger was growing up, his insurance agent father engrained in him the value of a dollar, the power of compounding savings and the fun of investing all of which has served him well over the course of his life.

Maggie, originally from Cleveland, Ohio, made Syracuse her home upon graduating from Syracuse University in 1966. When the pair crossed paths at their church years later, they noticed a shared love and passion for making a difference and the belief that “giving and receiving are the same.”

“We’ve long felt that there is a joy that comes from giving,” said Maggie. “Whether you donate your time or money, your giving comes full circle and brings back as much happiness as it puts out.”

Roger and Maggie have many common interests in a variety of causes and initiatives that serve the local community. Maggie taught physical education in the Syracuse City School District for 25 years, building a strong bond with organizations that support children. She has continued educating and working with children by teaching parent-child play classes at the Discovery Zone, swimming lessons at the YMCA, first-aid classes for the Red Cross and volunteering at Camp Good Days.

Roger holds degrees from Syracuse University in business and in marriage and family therapy. He has utilized his unique blend of knowledge from the financial and human service sectors to assist many organizations while sitting on various boards or serving as a volunteer. The pair also enjoys volunteering together for the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, their chuch and many other organizations.

The couple’s positive experience with a giving circle housed at the Community Foundation gave them a first-hand experience with the Foundation’s helpful staff and wealth of community knowledge. The Reids had deposited a portion of Maggie’s inheritance from her father into a national donor-advised fund to simplify their current giving.

To support the local community in perpetuity, Maggie and Roger decided the Community Foundation would be best place to leave the remainder of the fund after their deaths. Their fund will provide a permanent source of funding for local nonprofit organizations in the Central New York community.

“We are multi-interest type people,” said Roger. “We like music, theater, art, the environment and so much more. We decided to name the Community Foundation as the beneficiary of our national donor-advised fund so our causes of interest will be supported for generations to come.”

When the fund is transferred to the Community Foundation it will carry on the couple’s name and extend their legacy by supporting their passions and beloved organizations in perpetuity.

“We are a part of this community,” said Maggie. “It’s where we’ve been educated, matured and earned our money. We know our fund is going to be used well and wisely. It feels wonderful to know we can make a difference even after we are gone.

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