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The Watts

My wife and I believe that a path to higher education should be accessible to anyone who has the desire and the will to continue their education. We know that individuals who obtain a college degree are much less likely to live in poverty than those who have not, and we want to make sure all have a chance at a better life.

That is why we support On Point for College, a valuable resource for college eligible young adults in this community. Many low-income youth in Syracuse and Utica feel college is out of reach due to economic, academic or other barriers. On Point makes their dreams seem possible by providing career and guidance counseling, mentorship, transportation, school supplies and financial aid consultation. This array of supports that are offered before, during and after college helps students get into college, stay there, and succeed afterwards.

When I completed my term as President of On Point’s board of directors, my wife and I decided to seed an endowment fund at the Community Foundation that is designated to support On Point into perpetuity. We encouraged our friends and colleagues to also make contributions to the On Point for College Endowment Fund. We are very grateful to those who have contributed so far. Because the vehicle we used at the Community Foundation is flexible, we expect that the endowment will continue to grow thanks to future gifts from community members who want to support this important organization through the generations.

Making the choice to establish our fund at the Community Foundation was an easy one. A small organization such as On Point is likely to be most successful when it focuses on delivering the best programs and services possible. Generally speaking, administering a large endowment is not a core competency for an organization like On Point. We wanted to ensure that there was continuity in the management of these financial assets and the Community Foundation was the ideal resource to provide that. Combining our fund with the Community Foundation’s endowment of more than $143 million gives On Point the benefit of economies of scale and access to a deep asset management skill set.

In addition, the Community Foundation excels at acting as a good and prudent steward of the charitable dollars of its donors. Every donor who contributes to this fund can feel comfortable that many years from now their gift will still be helping students just as it was originally intended.

If you are interested in opening a designated fund like the Watt's, learn more here.

Photo Caption: John and Marcia Watt joined On Point Executive Director, Ginny Donohue;  James Kiki,  graduate of OCC and SUNY Oswego;  and Allorra Allen, graduate of OCC in the new Recital Hall at Onondaga Community College.