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Linda Dickerson Hartsock

It has been gratifying to live in Central New York and to engage in community revitalization. I have worked hard to instill the importance of community in my three sons. Volunteerism, giving and community involvement are central to our family value system.  

Many people believe that they must choose between providing for their family and giving back to the communities or charities they love. I learned that you can do both by finding the right balance. The perfect solution for me, and many others, was to establish a fund at the Community Foundation that will receive a portion of my assets through my will. It’s a collective family gift based on a wonderful family conversation.

Setting my fund up this way has enabled me to provide an inheritance for my children while leaving a legacy to the community that has so greatly enriched our lives. It makes me feel good knowing that my fund will provide resources to the next generation of community leaders to make a difference. I know that even after I’m gone, my fund will be extremely well managed by the Community Foundation, and will be in the hands of people who care about the community as much as I do.


If you're interested in opening a fund, learn more here.