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The Linns

Bob and Zalie Linn’s commitment to volunteerism and charity was woven into their DNA from the start. When Zalie was growing up in Wellsville, she remembers many nights when her father, Charles, would race off to fulfill his duties as a volunteer fireman or ambulance corps member. Her mother, a Girl Scout leader, a volunteer for all of her daughter’s activities, and an ever-present force in all of the school bake sales, also provided a strong example of what it means to be a positive force in the community.

Bob’s parents also modeled a strong sense of commitment to volunteerism and charity, imparting to Bob and his sister a sense of responsibility to be contributors in their community. Bob’s mother, Ruth, volunteered at Albany Medical Center and his Dad was active at their Temple. There is no doubt that these early seeds grew into the values that made Bob and Zalie a perfect match when they married two years after completing college.

As Bob and Zalie started their public accounting careers, there was little time to act on their volunteer instincts. As they became more established, however, their financial acumen proved to be a valuable skill set that they could put to use in their many nonprofit board roles. From their early work with the International Center of Syracuse, to their more recent involvement with the Rosamond Gifford Zoo and a number of other animal, children’s services and community beautification charities, Bob and Zalie have been active in civic life in Syracuse for decades.

“Being a part of the fabric of this community is important to both of us,” said Zalie. “We enjoy making a difference for the organizations that enhance our region because we love Central New York and we feel that it is our responsibility to help make it a better place to live.”

Bob and Zalie have great compassion for the community’s four-legged friends. They contribute their time and make donations to a whole host of animal charities. Their love of animals, present in their own lives through their affinity for the English Setters that share their home, led them to create a legacy fund at the Community Foundation to make that care for “creatures great and small” continue beyond their lives.

“We made a provision in our wills to create a named fund at the Community Foundation to support animal care and welfare because we are confident that the Foundation will be a good steward of the gift,” said Bob. “We have seen firsthand the way that their board and staff ensure that charitable wishes of donors are honored and that impact is achieved.”

Through this fund, Bob and Zalie will be remembered in the community they love and will make a difference for the thousands of animals in need in our region for generations to come.  We are pleased to help the Linns and hundreds of other local families to achieve a lasting impact, meeting the community needs they have a passion to support in perpetuity.

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