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Mary Mathews

My parents were always great role models to me. They provided support to the community in so many ways, and I felt it was important to do the same. I’ve found that supporting local organizations is especially meaningful when I can be involved in several ways. Over the years I have spent time engaging in the community and have created many meaningful connections with a number of local nonprofit organizations. 

My broad community interests led me to the Community Foundation as a home for my legacy giving. The organizations that I support in Central New York routinely apply to the Community Foundation for funding, so I knew a gift to them would always be used to help those in the most need at that time. I opened the Harry and Helen Barnes Jewell Fund as a field-of-interest fund to honor the memory of my parents. The fund supports two broad areas: the welfare of children and the protection of animals.

My parents and I adored animals and advocated for a variety of causes that protected them from abuse. I learned early on that our pets give more back to us than we give to them. They’re a part of our lives and bring us so much joy.  And just like animals need to be protected, so do children. I’ve always felt a strong connection to organizations that seek to end abuse in all of its forms and projects that help children overcome the life-altering effects of physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

The benefit of leaving my legacy to the Community Foundation is that after I am gone, this fund will still be giving in my parents’ names to support the current needs of our community. I feel happy to know that the Community Foundation will continue to support my favorite causes and the hardworking nonprofits of Central New York in perpetuity.