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Dear Friends,

Humans strive for connection. It’s no wonder that when we look back on 2014, the theme of connection runs through nearly every aspect of the Community Foundation’s work. Just as connections are elemental to us as humans, creating relationships is also core to the work of the Community Foundation. 

Connections make for better relationships. And, ultimately, they make for better communities. Time and again, though, we are able to affirmatively say that our ability to make meaningful connections is absolutely a predictor of the health and prosperity of communities across our region. 

Our nonprofit partners also make a difference by understanding the power of connections. To see for yourself, read about Clear Path for Veterans’ work with the men and women who are returning from the front lines seeking — and receiving — assistance to integrate back into civilian life (pg. 11). Or look into the eyes of Yolanda, a 97-year-old woman who spent her remaining days making connections with the loving staff and volunteers of Matthew House in Auburn (page 22). These compelling stories prove that connection changes lives. These powerful stories are just a small fraction of the hundreds of others that could be told.  

Connections like these are made possible by the past, present and future support of generous contributors to our mission. Donors — people like you — partner with us when they are looking for ways to maximize the benefit of their giving. Through this partnership they can be a part of something bigger, while not having to compromise on their very personal charitable goals and aspirations. We make connections in this way, too — by helping generous people connect with the tools they need to accomplish their charitable dreams. 

The power of connection can only be realized if the effort to make them is sustained. We’ve been doing this for more than 87 years, and have every intention of growing and changing with this community for generations to come. We invite you to engage with us.

Together, we can change lives and communities by connecting for good. 

Linda Dickerson Hartsock 
Chair, Board of Directors

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