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How to Give

Do you want to get more out of your personal charitable giving? Let us be your partner.

Giving can be made easier. You can be remembered for your generosity. We can help. 

For more than 87 years, thousands of individuals have provided for the future of Central New York by donating to the Community Foundation. We have a proven track record of successful financial management, collaborative community leadership and knowledge of the art and science of giving. We pride ourselves on offering you flexible and customized ways to give, listening to your goals and helping you create a plan that fits your needs. We invite you to join us in making a difference in the future of our community. 

Creating a Charitable Legacy

You care about the future of your community. We can plan with you to continue your charitable work in perpetuity. You can be remembered in this community the way that you want to be.   

There is no time like the present to think about how you want to deploy a portion of your assets for community benefit after you are gone. Legacy planning at the Community Foundation focuses on helping you transmit your values,identify the issues you care about, and capture your personal life story. We start by meeting with you to find out about your life and what matters most to you. Ultimately, we create a letter of instruction that will provide guidance on the future charitable use of your bequest donation. Your instructions can be modified over time as your interests change without revisiting your estate planning documents. 

Options for legacy gifts include a direct bequest through your will, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), life insurance policies, or any other personal asset. No matter what your financial means or how much you plan to leave to charity, the Community Foundation can be the home of your legacy. 

Getting More from Your Personal Giving  

You support many charities each year, but checkbook contributions are difficult to keep track of and might not be the most tax-efficient giving. We can be your partner, making your giving easier and more rewarding. 

It may be time to consider the benefits of opening a donor-advised fund to manage your personal giving. You can donate a variety of assets to your fund, including appreciated securities, stock in closely held businesses, or real estate. Your tax deduction is taken in the year you make the gift to your account and you no longer have to worry about collecting receipts from the many charities who will receive grants from your fund. 

Donor-advised funds also offer features such as optional anonymity in your giving, the opportunity to invest your charitable funds for tax-free growth, and access to our professional staff who can provide advice and research on issues or charities of interest to you. This type of fund can also be much easier to administer than an existing private foundation that you might have set up to facilitate your giving. We can also help you transition your existing private foundation to a donor-advised fund. 

Interested in exploring options for your personal giving?  Call us at 315-422-9538 or visit cnycf.org/give