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Jack Mannion

My parents left Ireland at a time when charity, though desperately needed, rarely showed its face. They settled in the Bronx, where charity was still in short supply, but where hope and opportunity abounded. Guided by my parents' example of perseverance and motivated by my own experiences growing up in the shadows of Yankee Stadium, I was inspired to do my part to give back to my community.

Over the years, I've been fortunate enough to be able to make up, in a small way, for those places and times where the call for support went unanswered. In answering that call, I've turned to the Community Foundation.

This gem of an institution right here in Central New York simplifies my giving and amplifies its impact. My donor-advised fund at the Community Foundation allows my family to support programs that reflect our core beliefs and principles. That's why I, a son of Ireland and a boy from the Bronx, give through the Community Foundation.


If you're interested in opening a donor advised fund like the John F. X. Mannion Charitable Fund, learn more here.