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Open Hand Theater

Looming some five feet over the average person and adorned with brilliant colors and elaborate expressions, the unique puppet characters of Open Hand Theater never fail to turn heads and attract a crowd wherever they appear. For more than thirty years, Open Hand's masks and puppets have brought many of the world's diverse traditions to life for children and adults alike. They perform regularly in a historic castle theater in Syracuse and conduct touring performances at schools and community events. The characters truly are "art in motion."

In 2008, Open Hand was one of twenty cultural organizations that became a part of the Community Foundation's three-year Program for Arts Capacity & Excellence (PACE). In exchange for a $20,000 annual grant to fund general operations, Open Hand committed to developing independent financial support and extending its community outreach through the development of a strategic marketing plan.

Having completed its final year in the program, Open Hand now reports great accomplishments. A new website, logo and newsletter were launched to tell its story to supporters in a unique and creative way. An e-commerce feature was added to the website, offering the convenience of online ticket purchasing to free up staff members' time and increase sales. Open Hand also increased its collaborative efforts with neighborhood groups and afterschool programs in order to broaden its community outreach.

The PACE grant allowed Open Hand to modernize and advance its operations while riding out economic uncertainty. Hopefully the theater's characters can continue to do what they do best-inspiring the creativity of local children and adults through art-for many years to come.