431 East Fayette Street     Suite 100     Syracuse, NY 13202     Tel: 315.422.9538
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The CNY Philanthropy Center

The historic University Club Building, located at 431 East Fayette Street, serves as the permanent home of the Central New York Community Foundation and as a hub for charitable teamwork. The Center provides ample and unique space for unprecedented collaboration between the Community Foundation, private foundations and nonprofit organizations as well as business and community leaders. To reserve a room and learn more about the building, visit the CNY Philanthropy Center Website.


A Place for Convening

Multiple spaces are available to bring people and groups together to  address community issues with the hopes of forging new partnerships and strengthening those that already exist. Reserve a Room


A Permanent Home

We believe that the ownership of a permanent home is a useful tool for  heightening our visibility while also demonstrating our long-term commitment to the community. The Philanthropy Center enhances our mission to expand the impact of regional philanthropy and be a force for positive change.


Investing in Downtown

Overlooking historic Fayette Park and situated on the Connective Corridor between Syracuse University and downtown Syracuse, the Philanthropy Center is positioned to be part of downtown’s renaissance. We see the creation of the CNY Philanthropy Center as a vital investment in downtown.

  The CNY Philanthropy Center is a LEED Certified building

To reserve a room and learn more about the building, visit the CNY Philanthropy Center Website.