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Designated Funds

Create a charitable fund at the Central New York Community Foundation that provides long-term, consistent support for one or more charities or initiatives. A Designated Fund is a personalized fund that  makes it easy for you to support the causes and organizations you care about or memorialize a loved one.


Getting Started is Easy

The Community Foundation works to help you establish a fund that achieves your unique charitable goals. It takes $25,000 to open a Designated Fund. You can use cash, stock, real estate or other assets to create a named fund, qualify for an immediate income tax charitable deduction and we will regularly distribute grants to the charity or charities that you identify when you create your fund. Additional gifts may be made to a Designated Fund at any time.


Reasons to Create a Designated Fund

Support, in perpetuity, organizations that donors have cared about most during their lives.

Establish one fund to support several organizations in the future. Donors sometimes specify percentages of a fund’s earnings to support designated charitable organizations.

If an organization goes out of business, the fund will support other organizations with services similar to those supported by the donor.

If the organization changes its purpose, the Community Foundation will ensure that the fund supports the donor’s original charitable intentions.

Create a fund to support a charity that does not currently have the capacity or sophistication to administer endowment funds or other long-term investment assets.

Leave a lasting legacy in the donor’s name or in honor of a loved one.


How Our Endowed Funds Work

We pool our more than 800 charitable funds for investment purposes and each receives a pro rata share of the investment return. We distribute 4.4% of the value of a fund each year to the charity or charities specified by the donor. We utilize a 20-quarter rolling average fund balance to calculate the annual spending amount – meaning that charitable beneficiaries are able to rely on a steady stream of distributions that do not drastically fluctuate each quarter or year.



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