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Field-of-Interest Funds

Field-of-Interest fundholders have chosen one or more focal points for their giving, often based on their personal interests. Funding is given to the types of causes that fundholders care about the most, while remaining flexible to meet changing community needs in the focus areas over time.

The information listed below is as-of March 31, 2020. 

    Anonymous #33 Fund
The Anonymous #33 Fund was created by a generous couplefrom Madison County who wish to remain anonymousuntil their deaths. The couple first had the idea to establisha charitable fund after reading an article regarding a grantawarded to provide disaster relief support after a tornadotouched down in the Town of Smithfield. The story inspiredthem to research the Community Foundation and meetwith its staff to explore how they could best impact theirlocal region through charitable giving.

    Anonymous #34 Fund
This fund was established to support human service work with a preference for organizations that serve the needs of the hungry or support refugees and/or arts and culture organizations.

    Shirley M. Aubrey Fund
A generous bequest from Ms. Aubrey created this fund to support programs favoring children.

    William D. Barnet Memorial Scholarship Fund
After traveling the world as a rubber buyer for his second cousin, tire magnate Harvey Firestone, William D. Barnet settled in Syracuse as a salesman for the J.P. Byrne tire company. A great believer in a solid secondary school education, he established this fund to provide unique educational opportunities not normally covered by school budgets.

    Walter Brooks Memorial Fund
Walter Brooks, recruited as a baseball player in the major leagues, kept alive his love of the game for many years through younger players. Friends and family sustained his legacy to future ballplayers by establishing this fund for support of youth baseball programs in Syracuse.

    Carriage House Foundation Fund
After ceasing operation of their Wagon Wheel Senior Center, the Carriage House Foundation transferred its assets to the Community Foundation, thereby assuring future funding for senior programs in the area.

    Cayuga Community Fund
A philanthropic initiative established in 2008, this fund will work to attract and retain charitable dollars for the benefit of charitable organizations in Cayuga County.

    Cayuga Health Association Fund
The Cayuga Health Association served the Cayuga County community for more than a century by providing health and informational services, social activities, and other health and nutritional opportunities to area residents before it closed its doors in 2011. The Association donated its remaining assets to establish this fund through the Cayuga Community Fund to continue its mission by providing grant support for health and nutrition programs in Cayuga County.

    Cohen Fund for Early Childhood Development & Literacy
The Cohens established this fund to support organizations and programs that promote and engage in early childhood development, with an emphasis on literacy and education. They ecognize the importance of positively impacting the lives of children, and the benefit to the future of our community.

    Community Council on Careers Fund
When the Community Council on Careers was dissolved in 1990, its assets were transferred to the Community Foundation. Today, the fund continues to support projects that improve skill training in business and manufacturing industries in Central New York.

    Community Literacy Fund
The Community Foundation’s board of directors designated this fund to support ongoing community efforts to increase literacy across the lifespan.

  Community Public Art Fund 
The Community Public Art Fund supports the maintenance, installation and acquisition of public art in Syracuse and Onondaga County as well as the advancement of public support for involvement in public art processes and activities.
Coon Fund

Joyce Caroline Coon, a long-time resident of Madison County, established this fund by bequest for the benefit of needy veterans and their families. It was formed in honor of her late brother, Darwin, a Korean War veteran who spent a great deal of time in the Syracuse Veteran’s Hospital when he was alive. Joyce’s determination to help others facing struggles similar to her own family lives on through this fund.

    J. Henry & Martha E. DeBoer Fund
J. Henry DeBoer was a trailblazer in the early world of furniture making, retailing, packing, moving and shipping. His family business, formed in 1910, produced and distributed 30 patented furniture display and handling accessories. Martha DeBoer was the company’s vice president. This charitable bequest was established in 1977 to help children suffering from vision problems, impaired hearing or kidney disease.

  Domestic Violence & Support (DoVES)
Created by a caring and enthusiastic group committed to ending violence against women and children, this fund provides aid to victims of domestic violence and the organizations that are dedicated to eradicating this injustice.

    Mary Louise Dunn #2 Fund

    M. Harold Dwyer & Frances M. Dwyer Fund
The Community Foundation administers this fund in memory of Frances and “Pete” Dwyer. Dr. Dwyer was a clinical psychologist and published author at Syracuse University and her husband was a partner of the Hancock & Estabrook law firm. Funds help aid the disabled in obtaining assistance in maintaining independence.

    Harold & Marian Edwards Fund & O.M. Edwards CO. Fund
The O.M. Edwards Company, a former important corporate citizen in Syracuse, manufactured aluminum frames and glass windows for trains, telephone booths and other industrial and commercial establishments. In 1998, the O.M. Edwards and Harold & Marian Edwards Funds were combined to form this fund to provide grants benefiting children in need.

  The Emerick Fund
The Emerick Fund was establishedby Helen Stacy, a Cazenovia resident,who grew up in Oswego. Seeingthe announcement of a friend’s giftto the Oswego County CommunityFoundation in the media, coupledwith her fondness for the GreatBear Springs Recreation Area, led her to create this fundto support organizations within Oswego County with apreference for projects and programs at the Preserve.

    Environmental Fund
In 2002, the Community Foundation partnered with the Great Lakes Community Foundation Environmental Collaborative and the Joyce Foundation to establish an endowed fund for the environment.

  The Fenstermacher Fund
Theodore Fenstermacher, a Cortland attorney also noted for his position as Chief Prosecutor in the Nuremberg war crimes trials, established a fund by bequest in 2001 for the general benefit of the Cortland community. Today it provides broadly responsive support to Cortland area nonprofits.

    Future Fund of Central New York
The Future Fund is a “giving circle” founded by young professionals in the Central New York area to provide its members an opportunity to pool their charitable gifts and to collaborate with others to have a greater impact with their giving.

  John M. & Mary L. Gallinger Fund
John and Mary Gallinger were well-known and respected in Central New York both for their highly successful company, Gallinger Real Estate, as well as their commitment to the community at large. After serving in the Army Signal Corps during World War II, John graduated from Syracuse University and went on to start the real estate company that he grew and prospered for many years. Active in the community, John was an elder in First Presbyterian Church, first president of the Eldercare Foundation Board of Directors and a Paul Harris member of the Camillus Rotary Club. Both John and Mary left behind a legacy of excellence in the local community. When he passed away, John’s will directed the formation of this fund in their names to benefit services to the elderly.

    Lee M Gatta and Joe Reddick Family Fund

    Joseph C. Georg Estate Fund
A bequest from the estate of Joseph C. Georg, who owned a local snow removal and highway construction equipment dealership, established a permanent fund to award grants for cancer and heart research.

    GLBT Community Fund
This fund was established by Jeff Unaitis in 2006 to benefit the efforts of the gay/lesbian/bi- and trans-sexual community in a widely-defined manner.

    Greater Pulaski Community Endowment Fund
In 1991, the John Ben Snow Memorial Trust seeded this fund to strengthen local charities in the Pulaski region. Contributions to this fund provide permanent resources for grants to Pulaski-area not-for-profit agencies.

  Viola M. Hall Fund
Viola Hall was a graduate of Syracuse CityNormal School and Syracuse Universitywhere she received her bachelor’s andmaster’s degrees. She was a teacher and aprincipal at various Syracuse schools. Sheorganized and became the first principalof the McCarthy at W.R. Beard School,which provides unique and specializedservices for students with social/emotional, behavioral andacademic concerns. She named the Community Foundationas the beneficiary of her life insurance policy and directedthat the fund support local education in honor of her lifelongdedication to the field. Viola passed away at the ageof 98, but her impact on education and children will live onthrough her fund.

    Hearts in the Right Place Fund
Oftentimes, those living with HIV and AIDS struggle to find the affordable housing and support they need to avoid being homeless or living out their lives in hospitals. Concerned citizens established this fund to ensure that adequate housing and support services will be available to this vulnerable population and others far into the future.

    Holstein Family Fund for Civic Engagement
Charlotte (Chuckie) and Alex Holstein, long-time community leaders, advocates and models for civic engagement, established this permanent fund to support civic trusteeship in perpetuity. The Holsteins share the belief that the place where we live has only been loaned to us by past generations to hold in trust for present and future generations. The fund will support the development of individual, organizational, and community capacity to encourage civic trusteeship that promotes a sustainable community. The fund memorializes many members of the Holstein family who were recognized for civic engagement in the founding of the Community Foundation and United Way, and served as leaders of many other local organizations.

  John H. & Mary P. Hughes Fund
This fund was established in 1972 in honor of the former New York State senator and his wife by the Hughes family and his partners at the Syracuse law firm, Mackenzie Hughes LLP. The Community Foundation uses the fund to make grants in the fields of health and developmentally challenged children, the primary charitable interests of John H. Hughes.

  Jelly Bean Angel Fund for Innovation
Created by Community Foundation board member Vicki Brackens in honor of her partner, Earlene, this fund will be used to catalyze the development of innovative ideas through the partnership of entrepreneurs and academic institutions. Priority will be given to programs that enhance opportunities for public-private partnerships that have a social and community benefit component as part of the intended collaboration outcome.


Harry and Helen Barnes Jewell Fund
Mary Jewell Mathews created this fund in honor of her parents to support the welfare of children and the protection of animals. This fund has a special emphasis on preventing child abuse; supporting children who have been victims of physical, emotional or sexual abuse; or projects that prevent animal abuse or handle the care and treatment of its victims.

    Leo & Natalie Jivoff Fund
Leo and his wife, Natalie, generously donated their time and treasure to the community. This fund will honor and perpetuate the long-time generosity of the Jivoffs by funding projects that enhance the medical field, support education, offer cultural enrichment or provide for people’s most basic needs.

  David Kilpatrick Memorial Fund
Dave was a valued staff member of the Community Foundation for seven years. During his tenure with the Community Foundation, Dave worked his way up from Grants Associate to Program Officer for Community Grantmaking. Dave’s wholehearted commitment to helping nonprofits shone in the extensive relationships he built within and beyond his immediate network. His dedication, expertise and unfailing approachability garnered instant respect from peers, leaders and volunteers alike. Dave was a force for good — in his community and in life. His parents established this fund in his memory to support human service work in the Central New York region.


Faith T. Knapp Memorial Fund
Faith Knapp was a Cazenovia preservationist whose charitable legacy supports the arts and environmental conservation throughout Madison County.


A.L. Lee Memorial Hospital Health Fund
In 2009, Fulton-based A.L. Lee Memorial Hospital closed for business after more than 100 years of serving the Oswego County community. The funds held by the hospital for charitable purposes were transferred to the Community Foundation which will continue to carry on the charitable intent of those who left bequests. This fund will support health care access and quality in Central New York.

    Lewis-Trinity Fund
Anonymous donors established a donor-advised fund in 1994 that provided regular distributions within the community. In 1996, the donors revised the fund agreement to provide a permanent unrestricted endowment to meet the basic human needs of the less fortunate.

Martha Fund

  The Martha Fund
Ruth Shapiro Blumberg, who passed away in 2012 at the ageof 91, created this fund as a lasting tribute to her daughter, Martha. Martha died at the young age of 23, but her zest for life will be honored in perpetuity through this fund to support children’s programs in Onondaga County. Countless children in our region will benefit from the generous commitment Ruth made to ensure that her daughter’s memory would not be forgotten when she herself passed away.


NBT Bank Fund
As an independent community bank, NBT Bank is committed tosupporting the local communities where it does business.  In late 2014, the bank transferred funds held for use to address the charitable needs of residents of Oswego County into a field-of-interest fund called the NBT Bank Fund. Partnering with the Oswego County Community Foundation, an affiliate fund of the Central New York Community Foundation, the NBT Bank Fund will continue the bank’s tradition of community service by providing grants to nonprofit organizations that serve the residents of Oswego County.


NYS Ag Society Foundation Ambassadors Fund
The NYS Agricultural Society established this fund to support its Ambassadors Program, which provides education and advancement opportunities to young people interested in an agricultural career.


New York State Agricultural Society Fund
Since 1832, the New York State Agricultural Society has served to foster, improve and promote the state's diverse food and agricultural industry. The Society created this fund to help facilitate its mission of public education, leadership development, and recognition of business excellence and individual achievement for the benefit of future generations of both producers and consumers.


Evelyn B. Osborn Fund
Evelyn Osborn was born in Montana and graduated from the University of Montana in 1932. She later moved to Auburn, New York, and served in the United States Marine Corps from 1943 to 1945. She and her husband, Emery, ran a lumber and hardware business called Osborn Sales Company from 1950 to 1970. A charitable provision inher will provided support for the Cayuga Community Fund when she passed away at age 102.

  Oswego County Community Foundation
The Oswego County Community Foundation is a philanthropic initiative to attract and retain permanent charitable dollars for the benefit of Oswego County. This charitable endowment will serve as a collection of gifts from many donors who are committed to preserving and enhancing the quality of life in this region. It will award grants to nonprofit organizations that serve the residents of Oswego County

Henry A. Panasci, Jr. Fund for Lewy Body Research
A well-respected and successful businessman and loyal supporter of many local not-for-profits, Henry was diagnosed late in life with Lewy Body disease, about which little is known. Memorial gifts are directed toward finding better methods of diagnosis and treatment of this illness.

    Parks & Recreation Council of Skaneateles (PARCS) Fund
The PARCS Fund was established to gather funds to upgrade an outdoor play area for children and add an outdoor fitness facility at Austin Park in the Village of Skaneateles. PARCS received many donations towards the upgrading of this community park. The fund will support the playground upgrades in the near term and will continue to serve as a repository for funds to implement other projects and park improvements in the Skaneateles community.

  J. Daniel & Diane Pluff Fund
J. Daniel Pluff, a prominent local financial advisor, established this fund with his wife Diane to benefit a cause that was deeply personal to them – services for children with special needs. When their two daughters, Anna now 13 and Sophie age 11, were born prematurely, they both were found to have moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears. Early intervention services helped both girls to adapt extremely well with therapy and hearing technology. During her quest for answers to help her own children, Diane became very involved with helping other local families who were experiencing similar issues with their newborns. She was struck by the frequency of hearing loss in children. The couple established this fund to do what they can to help special needs children and their families with support, comfort and hope.


Lettie H. Rohrig FOI Fund


Dr. Henry Romano Fund for Children
As a well-respected pediatrician in Auburn for more than 60 years, Dr. Henry Romano often came face-to-face with a growing epidemic — health assistance not always available for children to enjoy their lives to the greatest degree possible. To address that need in his hometown and surrounding county, this special fund of the Cayuga Community Fund will help children of Cayuga County identified with physical, mental and developmental disabilities receive professional evaluations, early intervention services and equipment.

  Donald W. Ryder Fund
Don Ryder lived on the outskirts of Baldwinsville and was incredibly proudof designing and building his home andbarn. He spent endless hours each daymaintaining his land and taking care of his home. When Don died last year at the ageof 81, his will directed his entire estate —150 acres of land, his home and all of his belongings — to set up the Donald W. Ryder Fund. Based onhis clear direction, the fund will provide grants to nonprofit organizations for the sole purpose of brick and mortar capital projects to pay for the construction of new buildings, additions or renovations to existing facilities.

    Durston Sandford & Doris Sanford Fund

  SARA Endowment Fund
First taking to the water in 1899, the sport of rowing is one of the longest reigning sports in the region and in the history of Syracuse University. Over the past 100 years, the Orange have made their home on Onondaga Lake and have competed around the United States and in the Royal Henry Regatta in England. The Syracuse Alumni Rowing Association established this fund to aid, encourage, foster, support and promote the sport of rowing in Syracuse.


Ralph Myron Sayer and Sophrona Davis Sayer Endowment Fund


Lynne Ross Scheer Fund
Lynne Ross Scheer studied philosophy at Harvard University before taking her first job at Sperry Rand Corporation. She worked on the Univac, one of the first digital computers, in the early 1950s. She later returned to school to earn a Masters of Education degree from Syracuse University in 1969 and embarked on a 20-year career in primary education as a math teacher. Her husband, Dr. Robert Scheer, established this fund in memory of Lynne to support local education efforts.

    Dorothy R. Shoudy Memorial Hearing Impaired Fund
Dorothy Shoudy, a long-time resident of Central New York who dedicated her life to teaching others, stipulated the formation of this fund in her will to benefit the hearing impaired of Central New York. Programs that will benefit include those providing sign language interpreters in schools and at performing arts events, as well as special programs for hearing impaired students at local school districts.

  Virginia C. Simons & Dr. C. Adele Brown Fund
This fund was established by a 1998 bequest to meet community needs in the areas of cancer and heart disease research, education and care.


Southern Cayuga Agriculture Program Fund
The Southern Cayuga Agriculture Program Fund wasestablished by the Southern Cayuga Agricultural AdvisoryBoard to support the priorities of the SCCS Agricultureprogram and the SCCS Future Farmers of America (FFA)Program — including academic needs and supplies, FFAactivities and leadership development.

  Spanfelner Fund
In 1999, John Spanfelner and his wife, Anne, established this fund to support two objectives. John, an ardent fly fisherman, desired to promote the preservation of ecosystems, clean water in Central New York waterways and organizations that care for and train dogs that help humans.

  Allen Speiser Memorial Vocational Rehabilitation Fund
The C.I.G.S. Foundation board of directors in 2001 chose to direct their assets to the Community Foundation to establish a fund to promote the vocational, educational, health and social needs of people with disabilities subject to social barriers. The fund is named in honor of Dr. Allen Speiser, the first director of Consolidated Industries, a sheltered workshop program for people with disabilities.


  Staff Advancement Endowment Fund
Michael and Elaine Crough permanently endowed this fund in 2006 to improve opportunities for career development of individual front-line, non-management, human service workers, providing them with professional development and training opportunities.

    Staff Advance Initiative

  Syracuse Beautification Fund
The Syracuse Beautification Fund was established through the Connective Corridor, a collaboration between Syracuse University, the City of Syracuse and Onondaga County focused on urban revitalization and civic entrepreneurship. This fund will help maintain and enhance public parks and public spaces in the Connective Corridor district.

    Syracuse Dispensary Fund
Established in 1888 to provide medical and surgical aid for those who could not afford it, the Syracuse Free Dispensary closed its doors in 1964. In 1966, the State’s Supreme Court ordered the Dispensary’s endowment assets transferred to the Community Foundation. The Dispensary’s mission lives on through these two funds, which provide grants for general health purposes.

    Syracuse SIDS Prevention Fund
Accumulated earnings from the Syracuse SIDS Golf Classic created a permanent fund in 2007 to support the elimination of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome through increased community awareness and medical research as well as parent support programs and risk reduction education.

  Walter A. Thayer Fund
Little is known of the life or charitable inclinations of this former carpenter. However, through a charitable bequest in 1992, Mr. Thayer established this fund to provide grants for programs helping battered women and needy teenagers.

  Tiny Rubenstein Animal Welfare Fund
From mucking stalls to riding her horses in top-level dressage competitions, Tiny Rubenstein’s life revolved around her passion and concern for the welfare of all animals. Tiny’s legacy is reflected in the many animals that she rescued, treated and cared for so passionately and generously over her lifetime. Her husband of thirty years, Jeff, established this fund in her memory to support organizations that promote the health, safety, comfort and welfare of animals.

    Women’s Fund of Central New York
The mission of the Women’s Fund of Central New York is to support, empower and recognize the advancement of women and girls in Central New York through a permanent endowment fund.


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