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View Grants from our 2019 Fiscal Year (April 1, 2018-March 31, 2019):

Quarter 3

Third Quarter - Fiscal Year 2019

The Central New York Community Foundation awarded nearly $700,000 in grants to 17 charitable organizations in Onondaga and Madison counties from its unrestricted and field of interest funds.

Arts, culture & humanities

Everson Museum received $50,000 to launch a rebranding initiative and marketing plan to broaden its outreach.

The Landmark Theatre received $75,000 to install a new sound system that enhances the visitor experience.


Hillside Children’s Foundation received $50,000 to provide Regents preparatory program for at-risk youth.

Environment & animals

ESF College Foundation received $60,000 to hire a full-time educator for its Waterflow and Wetlands Conversation program that provides students with guidance while out in the field conducting research.

Friends of Rogers received $13,500 to purchase a 15-passenger van to help Madison County residents better access its programming.

St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center Foundation received $8,897 to replace carpeting in its Wound Care Center to prevent contamination and public health issues.


Access CNY received $75,000 to replace its elevator and HVAC system to ensure visitor safety and comfort.

Advocates received $10,000 to conduct training sessions for staff and individuals to learn how to electronically access case records and service options.

Aurora CNY received $14,400 for its children’s hearing aid program that provides audiology and hearing services for families and children.

InterFaith Works received $30,000 to support its One to One program, which matches volunteers with aging residents in facilities that may not have loved ones to visit.

Neighborhood Innovations received $100,000 to purchase an emergency generator for its Freedom Commons apartment building, which contains affordable apartments and a homeless shelter in Syracuse.

Purpose Farm received $24,975 to purchase a new tractor that will be used daily and year-round by volunteers and during its youth mentoring sessions.

Rescue Mission Alliance received $36,760 to install seamless dividers to prevent the spread and breeding of bedbugs within its shelter sleeping areas.

Syracuse Model Neighborhood Corporation received $45,000 to purchase new kitchen equipment for its new Community Cafe on Syracuse’s Southside. The Cafe will be the home of a new culinary training program for at-risk individuals.

Syracuse University received $19,760 to support a new training program through its Falk School in collaboration with MAMI for interpreters and psychotherapists that work with resettled refugees in Syracuse.

Women’s Opportunity Center received $37,000 to purchase a new van that will transport women to other skill-building activities off-site.


United Way of CNY received $45,000 to purchase technology equipment for its new office location.


Second Quarter - Fiscal Year 2019

The Central New York Community Foundation awarded nearly $300,000 in grants to 11 charitable organizations in Onondaga and Madison counties from its unrestricted and field of interest funds.

Arts, culture & humanities

National Railway Historical Society received $35,000 to restore a historical railroad caboose to protect it from further deterioration.

Erie Canal Museum received $30,000 to hire a full-time museum educator to increase its capacity to provide arts education to local children and visitors of the museum.

Redhouse Arts Center received $42,500 to hire a technical director to help manage all three of its theaters effectively.


Chenango Nursery School received $10,000 to launch a music program for children that includes singing, movement and instrumental play.

Oneida Area Day Care Center received $15,000 to replace its roof to protect classrooms from future leakage and mold that pose a danger to children.

Environment & animals

Orenda Springs Experiential Learning Center received $31,532 to purchase a new tractor that will allow for year-long use and more easily maintain its 140 acres of property.


LAUNCH CNY received $25,000 to purchase furniture that will accommodate its growing staff and client base.

Syracuse Cooperative Federal Credit Union received $70,000 to convert its core information management system to a more affordable, robust and efficient platform.


small grants

Chadwick Residence received $4,000 to hire a part-time Resident Advisor to facilitate weekly house meetings for homeless women to learn independent living skills.

Chenango Nursery School received $10,000 to launch a music program for children that includes singing, movement and instrumental play.

Move Along received $8,500 to purchase wheelchair accessible tennis equipment for people of all abilities to participate in adaptive sports.

The Partnership for Community Development received $10,000 to produce marketing materials to help increase membership and programofferings in the Hamilton area.

First Quarter - Fiscal Year 2019

The Central New York Community Foundation awarded more than $500,000 in grants to 23 charitable organizations in Onondaga and Madison counties from its unrestricted and field of interest funds.

Arts, culture & humanities

Symphoria received $30,000 to launch a series of performances featuring the work of women composers. The series will highlight the role of women as change makers with a focus on the suffrage movement.

Syracuse City Ballet received $21,942 to purchase storage and in-house performance equipment to create a more transformable space.


The Reading League received $20,523 to initiate training for reading coaches in Central New York schools. This will provide teachers with the necessary skills to further support children that have difficulty reading or writing.

Enviornment & Animals

National Audubon Society received $9,440 to launch STEM programming for Syracuse City School District students.

Natural Heritage Trust
received $25,000 to develop and install interpretive exhibits at Green Lakes State Park. The new exhibits will provide guests with observational tools to enhance learning and exploration.


Liberty Resources received $50,000 to expand the services and hours of operation at its Integrated Care Clinic, as well as begin a pediatric program. This expansion will provide families with increased access to healthcare services in one central location.

Syracuse Jewish Family Services received $25,000 to implement a Mind Aerobics program that will provide brain health services for elderly residents.

Human Services

Building Men received $20,750 to expand its Building Men program in Syracuse City School District high schools. The program provides young men with character building, resume and cover letter writing, interview, time management and goal setting skills.

Clear Path for Veterans received $35,075 to track and measure outcomes of client participation. This will allow staff to identify service gaps and make necessary programming adjustments.

Dunbar Association received $15,000 to replace furniture and purchase equipment for its Youth Esteem program space. This includes the purchase of a smart-board to provide interactive instruction in its after-school sessions.

Haven at Skanda received $20,000 to expand its Summer at Skanda program for at-risk youth that are behind their grade level in social development. The program empowers children with daily leadership and decision making activities.

Matthew 25 Farm received $15,000 to construct a second in-ground greenhouse to increase distribution of its produce for local food pantries.

New York Civil Liberties Union Foundation received $35,000 to hire a project manager to lead a newly launched civic engagement campaign around I-81 replacement and repair.

The First Tee received $32,000 to purchase an environmentally friendly tractor for its grounds. The new tractor will prevent future waste and support the organization’s sustainability.

PEACE, Inc. received $75,000 to replace the roof at its Eastside Family Resource Center.

The People Project received $25,250 to purchase kitchen equipment for Hope Café, which offers programming and support for people struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, job loss, mental health issues and more.

Vera House received $25,000 to purchase a generator to prevent disruption in critical services.

Volunteer Lawyers Project of Onondaga County received $40,500 to hire a consultant to conduct an internal audit to revise practices and policies with a focus on anti-racism to improve the workplace, and develop a comprehensive anti-racism training for the legal community.

small grants

Light Work received $6,500 to launch a digital photography workshop in collaboration with the LaFayette Big Picture School. Students will learn creative ways to participate in civic engagement and hone their craft.

Izaak Walton League
received $2,476 to expand the Young Naturalists of CNY environmental education program to libraries in the City of Syracuse.

Skaneateles YMCA
received $9,268 to replace strength equipment in its fitness area. The new equipment will ensure that members have full access to health improvement and preventative wellness needs.

Heritage Farm
received $2,055 to purchase equipment that will enable overnight respite services for clients with epilepsy.

Madison County Department of Emergency Management received $10,000 to purchase and distribute smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to residents.

View Grants from our 2018 Fiscal Year (April 1, 2017-March 31, 2018):

Quarter 2
Quarter 3
quarter 4

Fourth Quarter - Fiscal Year 2018

The Central New York Community Foundation awarded $112,400 in grants to 6 charitable organizations in Onondaga and Madison counties from its unrestricted and field of interest funds.


Early Childhood Alliance received $75,000 towards programming designed to guarantee all children in Onondaga County are healthy, thriving and successful in school and life.


Cazenovia Preservation Foundation received $15,000 to restore its 2.5 mile Gorge Trail for all-season use by non-motorized visitors and to reduce current and future erosion and sedimentation into Chittenango Creek.

small grants

HearStrong Foundation received $5,000 to educate community members on the availability of hearing loss treatment.

PEACE, Inc. received $8,700 to train volunteers for its Foster Grandparent program, which provides low-income senior citizens the unique opportunity to share their lifetime of skills, talents, and abilities with children and young adults of all abilities.

REACH CNY received $3,700 to purchase new cribs for its Safe Sleep Education and Cribs for Kids programs, which provide parents with safe sleep education and portable cribs.
United Way of CNY received $5,000 to host Young Leaders United community forums for to engage professionals in making lasting positive changes in the community.


Third Quarter - Fiscal Year 2018


The Central New York Community Foundation awarded $543, 034 in grants to 14 charitable organizations in Onondaga and Madison counties from its unrestricted and field of interest funds.


Earlville Opera House received $20,000 to purchase a new heating system that will allow the theater to run its programming year round.

Merry-Go-Round Playhouse received $25,000  to expand its Sequential Dramatics program to provide arts enrichment in low-income schools with limited access to artistic programming.

Syracuse Stage received $25,000  to support Cold Read: A Festival of Hot New Plays. The new program will educate audiences on the process of new works and how to use theater to express themselves.


Earlville Free Library received $18,858  to create a new children’s area, computer laboratory and teen lounge. The designated space will enhance the library’s ability to provide customized materials and services to children and youth.

The Positivity Project received $24,000  to build two new training programs for principals and teachers to foster and continue the growth of their knowledge of positive psychology to teach to their students.

Onondaga County Public Library received $21,579 to create a new area designated for children and teens. The addition will provide children and teens with a space for learning, one-on-one computer job assistance and early literacy programs.


Humane Association of CNY received $85,000 to rebuild and renovate its animal shelter. The new shelter will repair flooding from highway runoff and prevent the spread of infection caused by poor air circulation and filtration.


Oneida Healthcare Center received $75,000 to expand its outpatient radiology facility. The expansion will provide access to various health services in one location.

Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York received $30,000 to renovate its waiting room to create a safe welcoming environment for visitors.


Aurora of CNY received $30,000 to launch Adult and Children Care Coordination Services, which will provide hearing and visually impaired individuals with improved health care coordination and management.

YMCA of Greater Syracuse received $150,000 to install a new elevator for its residence facility. The addition of the elevator will allow the program to increase capacity to serve more men, as well as increase the dignity of the environment in which they live.


Friends of Camillus Park received $23,847 to purchase and install accessible outdoor fitness equipment. The new equipment will encourage increased activity for seniors and individuals with disabilities.


Hillside Children’s Foundation received $9,750 to support the Swag Team program, which works to increase grades and lower high school dropout rates.

Junior League of Syracuse received $5,000 to purchase new electronic office equipment to allow for more efficient data gathering and effective programming.


Second Quarter - Fiscal Year 2018


The Central New York Community Foundation awarded $342,520 in grants to 11 charitable organizations in Onondaga and Madison counties from its unrestricted and field of interest funds.



Museum of Science & Technology Foundation (MoST) received $59,975 to fund phase one of renovations to its traveling exhibit area.

Society for New Music received $19,500 to host an opera performance about Matilda Joslyn Gage in partnership with Syracuse City High Schools and Cazenovia College. The performance will educate youth about the important role that CNY native Matilda Joslyn Gage had in the Women’s Suffrage movement.

Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School received $19,000 to install a library to support its literacy program. The new library will serve and address the low literacy rates of students that live in underserved areas in the city of Syracuse.


Friends of Beaver Lake received $32,003 to create new exhibits that will provide visitors with a deeper awareness of the complexity of the ecosystem and the decisions that affect it.


A Tiny Home for Good received $20,000 toward the development of a four-unit tiny home community to provide housing for individuals facing homelessness.

Good Life Youth Foundation received $56,123 to develop Good Life Enterprises, a social enterprise and job training program for youth facing poverty in Syracuse. The training will teach them the necessary skills to be successful in future job endeavors.

Person to Person Citizen Advocacy Association received $11,637 to hire a consultant to assist with organizational and fund development. The consultant will provide coaching and assistance for staff and board to obtain stable fundraising dollars.

Ronald McDonald House of CNY received $24,282 to support technology upgrades that will assist with growth in occupancy and fund development. The upgrades will increase the staff’s capacity to effectively manage day-to-day operations of guest services and donor management.

Skaneateles Early Childhood Center received $25,000 to replace its roof. The new roof will prevent water leakage and fix compromised barrier and insulation that could pose a danger risk to children.

United Way of CNY received $50,000 to expand the Street Addiction Institute, which provides trauma-related support to residents of neighborhoods affected by gun and gang violence.

First Quarter - Fiscal Year 2018

The Central New York Community Foundation awarded $688,440 in grants to 23 charitable organizations in Onondaga and Madison counties from its unrestricted and field of interest funds.



The Cora Foundation/Art Rage Gallery received $11,625 to create a photography exhibition featuring portraits of local women who have broken gender boundaries and fought for gender equality.

Everson Museum of Art received $150,000 to make repairs to its front podium to halt leakage into the building.

Oneida Community Mansion House received $31,202 to purchase improved security systems to better monitor and protect mobility of impaired individuals.

Symphoria received $22,000 to support its Canal Concerts, a collaboration with the Erie Canal Museum to present a concert series in celebration of the Canal's Bicentennial.

Syracuse City Ballet received $15,000 toequip its new studio space that will allow the organization to increase the number of its performances and expand its youth outreach.

WAER-FM88 received $25,000 to build an interactive website that expands awareness, initiates a conversation, and promotes civic engagement around poverty in Syracuse.



Onondaga Earth Corps received $15,000 to design and implement a comprehensive and inclusive public input process for maintaining and growing Syracuse's urban forest.

Skaneateles Lake Association received $27,000 to expand its Watershed Stewardship and educational programs to help protect lake water quality now and in the future.



On Point for College received $45,000 tosupport the relocation of its headquarters to a larger, more efficient facility that supports programming and growth.


ACR Health received $47,478 to hire a licensed mental health counselor for its Q Center. The Center serves as a safe space for LGBTQA youth to attend support groups, care management, drop-in hours and events.

Christian Health Service of Syracuse received $32,330 to replace computers, network switches and firewalls in its clinic to ensure privacy of patient information.

Family Counseling Services of Cortland County received $41,355 to purchase office equipment and furnishings for its new behavioral health clinic in Morrisville. The clinic will provide people living in the southern region of Madison County with access to quality behavioral health care services.



American Red Cross of Central New York received $25,000 to support its Sound the Alarm, Save a Life smoke alarm installation and education program. The program will teach households in neighborhoods that do not have access to in-home fire safety checks how to safely install and manage fire alarms.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Syracuse received $35,460 to support its Daily 5 program, a literacy framework that builds effective lifelong learners in reading, writing and independent learning.

Chadwick Residence received $15,000 to renovate common areas with new furniture and accessories to create a more comfortable environment where women and their children feel empowered.

Hopeprint received $20,000 to support its Community Integration Coalition program that will help identify needs and direct refugee families to resources from a number of organizations upon resettlement.

Image Initiative received $15,000 to support the expansion of its CHOICES afterschool program for young women. The bi-weekly developmental program provides female youth from a diversity of neighborhoods with workshops focused on skill development and education.

Tillie's Touch received $15,000 to purchase a 15-passenger van for the organization's travel soccer program to help transport sports equipment and school supplies.

Women's Opportunity Center received $55,000 to support its Journey to Success program, which works with low income women who need intensive preparation to become job ready.


Syracuse Center for Peace and Social Justice received $25,000 to install a wheelchair accessible ramp on its first floor to make the entrance accessible for all visitors.


BRiDGES received $7,000 to establish a LGBTQA community coalition to implement community education programming and host events and support groups county-wide.

Central New York Jazz Arts Foundation received $6,900 to purchase and install digital audio visual upgrades including a new projector.

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County received $6,000 to create an online directory of farms in Madison County to boost community development and education of farms.

View Grants from our 2017 Fiscal Year (April 1, 2016-March 31, 2017):

quarter 4

Fourth Quarter - Fiscal Year 2017

The Central New York Community Foundation awarded $288,319 in grants to 12 charitable organizations in Onondaga and Madison counties from its unrestricted and field of interest funds.


Skaneateles Festival received $6,000 to support its 2017 season. The Festival brings together musicians from all over Central New York to provide creative and dynamic concert programming, education and outreach. 

Society for New Music received $6,000 to launch the Composer-in-Residence program that will provide band and orchestra students at Henninger High School with mentors to help them create music.


The Haven at Skanda received $1,300 to build mobile duck houses that will protect endangered Magpie ducks and equine animals. The houses will improve the health of Magpie ducks and support the growth of its species.


North Side Learning Center received $15,000 to launch Empowering Newcomers, a 24-week computer navigation and training program for New Americans. The training will introduce adults to internet use that will enable them to independently seek information and resources as they gain English language skills.

Onondaga Community College Foundation 
received $100,000 to fund Say Yes to Education’s Summer Success Academy, a 5-week bridge program for Syracuse City School District graduates preparing to enroll in Onondaga Community College.


St. Joseph’s Health Foundation received $15,194 to purchase two Spot Vision Screeners that will enhance early detection and treatment of amblyopia risk factors in young children.

The Upstate Foundation received $20,325 to conduct workshops for children with disabilities and co-occurring vision or hearing loss. The workshops will provide these children and their families with the skills to participate actively and independently in their communities and homes. In addition, Halo Sleep Sacks and Pack-N-Play Cribs will be provided at no cost to new mothers after receiving Safe Sleep training.


Catholic Charities received $30,000 to maintain programming that provides initial resettlement services for refugees to help families adjust to life in Central New York.

Clear Path for Veterans received $9,500 to support its Dogs2Vets program, which provides veterans who are diagnosed with PTS/MST with a service or emotional support canine. Through the relationship with a canine partner, veterans can learn to focus on social engagement, positive outlooks and building trust.

Early Childhood Alliance received $50,000 to develop and implement several initiatives that seek to enhance early childhood education and wellness.

Interfaith Works received $30,000 to maintain programming that address the needs of refugees and provides them with resettlement services.


Believe in Syracuse received $5,000 to support its ongoing Reading is Fun Block Party and Community & Caring programs. Both programs provide necessities to those living in poverty and encourage civic engagement in various neighborhoods throughout the City of Syracuse.

Third Quarter - Fiscal Year 2017

The Central New York Community Foundation awarded $419,607 in grants to 18 charitable organizations in Onondaga and Madison counties from its unrestricted and field of interest funds.


CNY Arts received $25,000 to create a regional one-calendar system with Visit Syracuse that positions CNY as an arts and entertainment destination.

Onondaga Historical Association received $25,000 to support research, development and artifact selection for its new Brewseum. The Brewseum will explain the history behind the Brewing industry of Central New York, including details on immigration, architecture, prohibition, temperance and industry.

Stone Quarry Hill Art Park received $20,700 to support capital improvements to its Art Barn program area to create a safe environment for artists working in the space.
efficiency of its interns, volunteers and board members in the creation of civic poster art.

Syracuse Poster Project received $10,878 to purchase IT and office equipment to improve the work efficiency of its interns, volunteers and board members in the creation of civic poster art.

Syracuse Stage received $25,000 to bring its Backstory program to local schools. The program takes students on an interactive classroom experience that features historical characters portrayed by an artist-in-residence.


Citizens Campaign for the Environment received $10,000 toprovide five additional safe medication disposal drop boxes to police departments in Onondaga County and conduct an educational campaign to expand public engagement in this initiative.


Amaus Health Services received $15,000 to purchase hardware and software to expand its dental services to accommodate a growing community need.

East Area Volunteer Emergency Services received $25,000 to construct a new emergency services building that includes an emergency shelter, training center and walk-in clinic.

Onondaga Community Trauma Task Force received $19,698 to teach 15 participants to become trainers in the Community Resilience Model (CRM) to increase understanding of the impact of trauma.

Human services

100 Black Men of Syracuse received $15,000 to organize, promote and deliver a nutritional health wellness program for children at the Syracuse Academy and the larger community.

AccessCNY received $35,252 to renovate space to accommodate the David Clark Learning Center for traumatic brain injury. The Center serves those with an acquired brain injury and helps members relearn lost skills through art and music.

Food Bank of CNY received $75,979 to convert a portion of its 25,000 sq. ft. freezer into a produce-specific cooler to better preserve and maintain food supply.

Syracuse Lions Club received $17,100 to purchase equipment used for screening children's eyesight within the Syracuse City School District and other facilities.

Vera House received $100,000 to assist with renovating its new office building on James Street. The new location will allow for increased capacity and additional room for storage.


Second Quarter - Fiscal Year 2017

The Central New York Community Foundation awarded $487,819 in grants to 16 charitable organizations in Onondaga and Madison counties from its unrestricted and field of interest funds.


Downtown Committee of Syracuse received $10,000 to create the Art in the Windows program, designed to market and activate vacant downtown storefronts through rotating installations of local art.

Oswego College Foundation received $20,000 to support ARTSwego’s productions and educational programming associated with Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and a new play about Malcolm X.


Junior Achievement of Central Upstate New York received $5,000 to expand program offerings to students in the Syracuse City School District during the 2016-2017 academic year.

environment & animals

Baltimore Woods Nature Center received $30,000 to build a pole barn that will allow for the consolidation of several existing sheds and provide additional programming space.

The Great Swamp Conservancy in Canastota received $15,000 to restore its back barn building to allow for a space to host events and programs. The movement of its more active public programs to the new barn will ensure the safety of valuable exhibit items in the main building.


Crouse Community Center in Morrisville received $15,000 to convert to electronic medical records, enabling real-time therapy and prescription information and increasing the quality of service for patients.

NAMI Syracuse received $5,000 to create a comprehensive list of mental health providers, their specialties, and whether or not they are accepting new patients.

Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare received $50,000 to assist with the launch of its Aftercare Services program to provide peer-led support groups and referrals for care or other community resources that help individuals maintain substance use recovery.


Community Action Program for Madison County received $30,000 to purchase and install a new server to enhance staff access, prevent system crashes and accommodate increased programming and reporting.

Hope for Bereaved received $29,000 to make repairs to the foundation of its facility parking lot, improve accessible entrances and install security and safety lighting.

The Rescue Mission received $150,000 to establish a designated family eating area as part of the renovation of their Food Service Center.

Syracuse Habitat for Humanity received $34,600 to repair the roof of its administrative and ReStore buildings to prevent further damage to the windows and walls.

public & societal benefit

Syracuse Chargers received $30,000 to construct a new five-bay boat house. The boat house will increase its capacity to store boats and rowing equipment and accommodate increased community demand.

small grants

PEACE, Inc. received $6,719 to support the purchase of new technology and furniture for the workforce preparation area in the Southside Family Resource Center.

Providence Services received $7,500 to provide free transportation services to and from work for low-income city residents and refugees.

United Way of CNY received $50,000 to support the second year of the Work Train initiative.

First Quarter - Fiscal Year 2017

The Central New York Community Foundation awarded $333,944 in grants to 18 charitable organizations in Onondaga and Madison counties from its unrestricted and field of interest funds.

arts culture & humanities

Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor received $24,420 to expand the number of Onondaga and Madison county school children participating at sites through the Erie Canalway’s Ticket to Ride program.


CNY Library Resources Council received $15,000to support its technology lending program to promote digital inclusion and literacy.

Syracuse University Office of Sponsored Programs received $13,000 to support a photography and literacy project encouraging at-risk youth to create artwork to be permanently displayed in local community venues.


Finger Lakes Land Trust received $46,000 to develop a nature preserve on an undeveloped shoreline on Otisco Lake.

Town of Cazenovia received $11,692 to install interpretive features to educate the public about the unique technology at its micro-hydroelectricity site.


Loretto Health & Rehabilitation Center received $26,000 tocreate outside walking paths and gardens for elders, staff and family members.

human services

ARISE Child and Family Service received $25,000 topurchase an additional wheelchair-accessible van for the transportation of clients in its community habilitation program.

Northeast Hawley Development Association received $17,000 to develop a strategic plan around a shared volunteer and community engagement strategy with the Syracuse Northeast Community Center.

Sarah's Guest House received $10,000 tolaunch a marketing campaign to promote awareness of the organization.

First Tee of Syracuse received $50,000 to renovate and expand its club house to provide a dedicated learning space that will allow children to participate in programs during uncooperating weather.

Visions for Change received $42,432 to expand its Choosing to Thrive program to incorporate a Housing Preparedness component.

public & societal benefit

The Partnership for Community Development received $10,000 to promote community health and vitality by developing an interactive recreation website with information about outdoor amenities in Hamilton, NY.

small grants

CNY Jazz Arts Foundation received $8,520 to develop video presentations of key arts-education skills for use in marketing campaigns.


Fiver Children's Foundation received $8,130 to uncover and address unmet needs within the existing population of its Madison County youth.

Jubilee Homes of Syracuse received $8,250 to combat food insecurity by build a greenhouse at its Community Learning Farm.

Madison County Department of Emergency Management received $5,000 to provide life-saving smoke alarms and weather alert radios to county residents in need.

Parkview Junior Academy received $5,500 to replace broken equipment and update its playground.

Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School received $7,900 toimplement  a program to develop collaboration among school, family, and community members for greater academic and social success.


View Grants from our 2016 Fiscal Year (April 1, 2015-March 31, 2016):

Quarter 3
Quarter 4

Fourth Quarter - Fiscal Year 2016


The Central New York Community Foundation awarded $129,200 in grants to 5 charitable organizations in Onondaga and Madison counties from its unrestricted and field of interest funds.


Whole Me received $19,600 to purchase furniture, computer equipment, and library materials to expand and improve the offerings of their after-school program as they move to their new James Street location. The equipment will contribute to increased opportunity for hands-on learning activities, literacy and communication skills trainings, counseling, as well as a kitchen and library.


Onondaga Earth Corps received $17,000 to train a staff and crew training and purchase community event materials, postage, and bicycle trailers for use during an anti-litter event for 200 young children. The event will engage community members in anti-littering activities to promote a healthy local environment.

Onondaga Lake Conservation Corps received $30,000 to support the second year of its coordinator position. The coordinator directly engages with at least 200 community members who will conduct direct, on-the-ground conservation action to restore, steward, and manage wetland and coastal habitat at Onondaga Lake and continue outreach and education programs and campaigns.


Aurora of Central New York received $12,600 to support the continuation of its low-cost hearing aid program for children with auditory impairments. Funding will allow the program to provide up to 18 hearing aids that are cost-prohibitive for many families.


Syracuse Model Neighborhood Facility
 received $70,000 
to support a two year salary for a Director of Program Development. The new staff member will assist with the operation of SMNF while also providing administrative capacity and support for the growing HOPE Initiative. 

Third Quarter - Fiscal Year 2016

The Central New York Community Foundation awarded $313,666 in grants to 14 charitable organizations in Onondaga and Madison counties from its unrestricted and field of interest funds.


The Landmark Theatre received $26,000 to purchase and install a new concession sales system to increase revenue.

Le Moyne College received $10,000 to increase Syracuse City School District student participation in a concert commemorating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death in collaboration with Symphoria. 

Skaneateles Festival received $20,000 to purchase portable sound, lighting and recording equipment for the Robinson Pavilion to improve the audience experience.

Symphoria received $25,200 to provide Syracuse City School students in grades 3-5 with an opportunity to experience live orchestral music through Carnegie’s Link Up: The Orchestra Sings!

Syracuse Children’s Theater received $23,105 to update its vocal amplification equipment to enhance student performances.

Syracuse Stage received $25,000 to support production costs, community education and outreach opportunities for To Kill a Mockingbird.


Onondaga County Public Library received $25,000 to add new teen and makerspace areas during its Central Branch renovation to provide members of the community with the latest equipment to advance skills in science, technology, engineering, arts and math.


Madison County Health Department received $16,070 to assess the potential health impacts of a gas compressor station on nearby residents.

Spay and Neuter Syracuse received $24,413 to purchase surgical equipment that will increase its capacity to deliver services after its move to a new location.


St. Camillus Health & Rehabilitation Center received $42,583 to replace the call bell system in its sub-acute rehabilitation unit to improve patient safety.


Jewish Home of Central New York received $25,000 to install a new wireless system that will allow staff to move from paper to electronic medical records.

McMahon/Ryan received $18,400 to conduct a marketing campaign focused on Child Abuse Prevention Month.


Village of Cazenovia received $26,850 to develop a new park and trail system along Chittenango Creek that will include a boardwalk, experiential play elements and a walking trail.



National Abolition Hall of Fame received $6,045 to purchase a lift that will provide access to the second floor of an 1820 building where the museum and hall of fame are located.

Second Quarter - Fiscal Year 2016

The Central New York Community Foundation awarded $376,089 in grants to 15 charitable organizations in Onondaga and Madison counties from its unrestricted and field of interest funds.


Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation received $15,000 to implement renovations of its gift shop, including point of sale and inventory systems, upgraded displays, and improvements to its online store.

Open Hand Theater received $13,000 to revise, update and promote its education touring programs, which will focus teachings on life styles and cultural experiences in accordance with Common Core principles. 

Signature Band & Choir received $11,900 to provide live music to cancer patients, their families, visitors and staff at the Upstate Cancer Center and at the Everson Museum’s various public events.

University Neighborhood Preservation Association received $30,000 to implement its first phase of restorationsof the historic Gustav Stickley House, located on Columbus Avenue in Syracuse.

The Cora Foundation received $11,630 to support production costs of its "People Who Came to My House" project and exhibition, in which Syracuse photographers capture images of local service workers.


LiteracyCNY received $20,000 to hire a fund development consultant to design and implement a three-year major gift campaign.


Friends of the Rosamond Gifford Zoo at Burnet Park received $50,000 to construct an outdoor pool for its Asian Elephant Preserve.


Boys & Girls Clubs of Syracuse received $36,465 to support its Career Prep at the Clubs program, an initiative aimed at helping at-risk teens explore career options, make sound educational decisions and prepare them for the workforce.

Person to Person Citizen Advocacy received $10,920 to update its internal tracking database, allowing for efficiency improvements of state and agency reporting by its staff.

Salvation Army received $50,000 to redesign existing space to create outpatient counseling services that help adults, children, and adolescents who struggle with severe mental illness.


Friends of Dewitt Parks & Recreation received $100,000 to build an all-inclusive outdoor multi-sports and wellness complex at Carrier Park designed for the use and enjoyment of the residents and visitors of Central New York.


Chadwick Residence received $7,700 to expand its housing accommodations for homeless women and families.

David’s Refuge received $7,500 to implement technology upgrades to streamline guest booking, donor management and administrative functions.

Marcellus Sports Booster Club received $5,000 to replace its wooden playground with an accessible new design that will allow for mobility of children with all physical abilities.

First Quarter - Fiscal Year 2016

The Central New York Community Foundation awarded $590,588 in grants to 25 charitable organizations in Onondaga and Madison counties from its unrestricted and field of interest funds.


Civic Morning Musicals received $3,300 to promote its 125th Anniversary Season, which will feature the performance of former concerto and vocal competition winners in this year’s concert series.

CNY Arts received $15,000 to upgrade the technology system it uses to promote, support and celebrate the region’s arts and culture community. 

Erie Canal Museum received $20,000 to conduct a competition to collect and display creative designs for connecting the Erie Canalway Trail from DeWitt to Syracuse.

Everson Museum received $50,000 to install a new software system that would improve its retail sales and customer relationship management efforts.

Onondaga Historical Association received $25,000 to install an energy efficient climate control system that will ensure the longevity of its valuable collections and archives from local history.

Redhouse Arts Center received $100,000 to install theatrical lighting in two theater spaces in its new Redhouse@City Center facility, set to rejuvenate a city block on South Salina Street and offer multiple performance and movie theaters and education spaces.


Liverpool City School District received $15,957 to conduct forums between kindergarten teachers and preschool providers to identify common learning gaps that could be addressed at the preschool level and improve kindergarten readiness.

Oneida City School District received $5,500 to purchase educational materials for a program to assist struggling middle school students.


Baltimore Woods Nature Center received $10,529 to expand its back deck, which is used for on-site public programs, camps, events and rentals.

Citizens Campaign for the Environment received $3,000 to conduct educational outreach with pharmacies that encourages the implementation of take-back programs for expired or unused prescription drugs.


AccessCNY received $30,000 to conduct renovations at Provisions Restaurant and Bakery in Armory Square. Provisions employs individuals with a diagnosed mental health challenge to develop employment-related skills, establish a successful work history and foster beneficial workplace behavior and social skills.

BRiDGES received $5,865 to conduct a professional development training series to address a variety of topics including grief, depression, disaster response.

Catholic Charities of Onondaga County received $40,000 to replace the roof at the Vincent House Youth Center. The Center houses pre-k classes; Headstart, afterschool, and summer programs; and Skills4Success, which helps children address behavioral and emotional challenges.

Cazenovia Children’s House received $12,500 to renovate a classroom within the child care service center.

Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired received $15,000 to purchase equipment for the expansion of its sight-impaired employment program.

Community Options received $13,737 to implement a data management tool that will better track the daily activities and health needs of clients utilizing its housing, support and advocacy services for people with disabilities.

Hopeprint received $15,000 to conduct mutual mentorship as part of the Her Village program, which empowers women to take steps to enhance their quality of life.

Syracuse University Office of Sponsored Programs received $15,500 to support the In This Together program to enable the partner organizations to host workships with Syracuse inner-city helping professionals.

Volunteer Lawyers Project of Onondaga County received $40,000 to increase the availability of free legal immigration services in the community through a partnership with Hiscock Legal Aid and Catholic Charities.

YMCA of Greater Syracuse received $100,000 to complete construction and install accessibility elements at its new Northwest Family YMCA facility in Baldwinsville.


Eastwood Neighborhood Association received $7,000 to rehabilitate Eastwood Heights Park, a green space located at the corner of Mosley Drive and Sunnycrest Road in Syracuse.

Home HeadQuarters received $7,000 to install playground equipment at Washington Square Park.

Skaneateles Recreational Charitable Trust received $30,000 towards the expansion of the Skaneateles Community Center, which is home to fitness classes, senior programming and youth sports leagues.

Syracuse Industrial Development Agency received $7,000 to install Cross-Arc, a large-scale public art sculpture at Lipe Art Park that will simultaneously serve as an exercise and fitness hub.

Village of East Syracuse received $3,700 to install a handicapped lift and portable stairs at the public pool in Ellis Field Park.

View Grants from our 2015 Fiscal Year (April 1, 2014-March 31, 2015):

Quarter 3


Third Quarter - Fiscal Year 2015

The Central New York Community Foundation awarded $683,035 in grants to 20 charitable organizations in Onondaga and Madison counties from its unrestricted and field of interest funds.


Museum of Science & Technology (MoST) received $40,000 to renovate its Science Shop, which is a main contributor to keeping admission prices to the educational museum affordable.

Onondaga County Department of Parks & Recreation received $50,000 towards the development of the Skä•noñh Great Law of Peace Center, located at the former Sainte Marie Among the Iroquois museum on Onondaga Lake Parkway, which will feature interactive exhibits that showcase Native influence on American way of life.


100 Black Men of Syracuse received $10,000 to implement Saturday Academy, a mentoring program that aims to help Syracuse City students understand the fundamental concepts of math, science and language arts that they can then apply in school. Each Saturday program offers two one-hour academic sessions, lunch and a mentoring or life skills session for boys and girls in grades 5-8. 

Oneida Public Library received $100,000 towards the construction of a new facility that will better accommodate space for improved technology and automation, collection development and additional parking.

WCNY received $26,708 to send 1,600 Syracuse City School District students through its Enterprise America program, which provides 30 hours of classroom curriculum followed by a hands-on simulated city experience at the WCNY headquarters on West Fayette Street. 

environment & animals

CNY Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (CNYSPCA) received $50,000 to renovate its large dog kennels to protect the safety of the dogs and visitors, control the spread of contagious diseases and reduce mental stress on the animals.

Audubon New York received $30,000 to add a local coordinator who will oversee Onondaga Lake Conservation Corps’ environmental education and community engagement activities.

human services

Aurora of CNY received $30,000 to train a specialized job readiness coach and deaf interpreter who will work with refugees who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Clear Path for Veterans received $30,000 to establish the Home for the Brave program, which will pair dogs with veterans as they undergo the initial training to become service dogs.

Contact Community Services received $30,000 to update the existing manual and support materials used by its crisis hotline volunteers and to add crisis chat volunteer training.

Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways received $29,595 to expand its Be a Friend First (BFF) program to deliver school-day sessions to 1,800 Syracuse City School District girls in grades 4-8.

Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection received $23,543 towards its Soaring Eagles program at the Phoenix Center, which is designed to provide an educational experience outside of school walls that demonstrates students can achieve success as contributing members of society.

Interfaith Works of Central New York received $100,000 towards renovations and build-out of the agency’s new facility, which will house its refugee resettlement and support services under one roof.

The Samaritan Center received $100,000 towards the build-out of a family dining area at its new location in the former St. John’s Church on State Street. The new dining area will serve as a place families can have meals together and as a center for family and child programming.

Syracuse Community Health Center received $47,000 to support the establishment of the Adult Obesity Prevention and Reduction Initiative focusing on education, nutrition and physical activity.

Syracuse Habitat for Humanity received $35,000 to hire a Rehabilitation Construction Manager who will oversee its new program to rehabilitate vacant properties in the City of Syracuse.


Fair Housing Council of CNY received $5,000 to increase awareness of its services in Madison County by conducting trainings and distributing marketing materials. 

Move Along received $5,886 to promote available options for individuals with disabilities to engage in adaptive sports that can improve social skills, self-confidence and independence.

Pet Partners of Syracuse received $1,303 to recruit additional volunteer pet therapy teams through the use of community presentations and promotions.

St. David’s Episcopal Church received $4,000 to facilitate diverse, community-wide conversations leading up to its Celebration of the Arts performance of Ragtime, which highlights issues of race, class, immigration and violence. 

Northern Onondaga Public Library received $5,000 to upgrade and make more accessible its LibraryFarm, a community garden, a portion of which provides food to North Syracuse food pantries.

Willow Field Elementary PTO received $7,000 to install a new children’s playground, which will be open to the general public once complete.

Second Quarter - Fiscal Year 2015

The Central New York Community Foundation awarded $187,292 in grants to 11 charitable organizations in Onondaga and Madison counties from its unrestricted and field of interest funds.


Point of Contact received $10,000 to upgrade its audio/visual system to better exhibit contemporary arts projects from around the world.


ARISE at the Farm received $20,000 to build an inclusive playground at its location in Chittenango that is fully accessible by children with disabilities.

Food Bank of CNY received $30,000 to purchase a transport vehicle that will provide the organization with the capacity to accept all donated food items available from retailers.

Loretto Health & Rehabilitation Center received $16,620 to transform the lobby area of the Cunningham-Fahey Skilled Nursing Facility into a welcome space for residents and families to gather, visit and participate in activities.

On Point for College received  $23,984 to implement the Mentoring/Empowerment Networking Progran, which offers first- generation college students resume advisement, career interest assessments and workshops, interviewing skills and mentorships with career professionals.

Somali Bantu Community Association received $9,587 to open a computer lab to train and assist refugee students and adults, as well as area residents, in achieving their educational and employment goals.

Spanish Action League of Onondaga County received  $33,000  to administer the new Youth and Careers program, which will break down employment barriers faced by Hispanic youth by introducing them to potential professions and promoting the benefits of stable employment. 


Syracuse Urban Renewal Agency received $30,000 to conduct public dialogue and develop conceptual designs for the redesign of the New City Park in Downtown Syracuse.


Fenner Renewable Energy Education Center received $4,000 to conduct strategic planning at the Madison County wind farm that educates visitors on renewable energy sources, production, and conservation.

Syracuse Shakespeare Festival received $3,100 to produce No Bully Shakespeare program to help elementary and middle school students recognize and overcome bullying situations.

Town of Salina received $7,000 to rehabilitate deteriorated baseball fields at Wemsfelder Park in collaboration with the Liverpool Girl’s Softball League.

First Quarter - Fiscal Year 2015

The Central New York Community Foundation awarded $355,568 in grants to 15 charitable organizations in Onondaga and Madison counties from its unrestricted and field of interest funds.


Music Associates of Central New York, Inc (Symphoria) received $18,000 to add support for Sounds of Nature, a multi-media orchestra program to be performed at 4 middle schools along with discussion and demonstration.


Learning Disabilities of CNY received $20,000 to improve client service by installing a new telephone system.

Skaneateles Library Association received $10,366 toward a kiosk that will be part of a satellite station at the Skaneateles YMCA, which will allow library card holders to pick up and drop off books from the Onondaga County Public Library catalogue. 


American Farmland Trust received $15,000 to establish the Local Agriculture and Land Leadership Institute to educate local farm owners and community leaders on the land use and economic development issues that impact agriculture.

Onondaga Earth Corps received $20,500 to purchase a truck that will transport its expanded youth volunteer force to ongoing conservation activities, including tree planting and maintenance of green infrastructure sites.



American Red Cross of Central New York received $20,000 to implement its Community Resilience Strategy, designed to increase civic participation in emergency preparedness.

Frank H. Hiscock Legal Aid Society received $35,000 to purchase new computers as they install a web-based case and document management system that will centralize data pertaining to its free legal services cases. 

Matthew 25 Farm received $20,000 to purchase farm equipment that will increase its yield of fresh fruits and vegetables for distribution at Central New York food pantries and soup kitchens.

PEACE, Inc. received $30,000 to purchase snowplow equipment for winter maintenance of its parking lots, frequented daily by those utilizing its childcare, mentoring, nutrition, financial, housing and family resource services.

Rescue Mission Alliance received $100,000 to expand its emergency shelter in Syracuse, addressing a growing need for overnight services that provide a safe and secure alternative for the homeless.

Children’s Consortium received $39,459 to expand its Nurturing Parenting program, which assists drug-dependent parents with developing self-awareness, empathy, family communication and disciplinary alternatives.

Westcott Community Center received $12,243 to upgrade its computer lab, which is utilized by its after-school, tutoring, adult learning, literacy and senior training programs.


Farmers Market Federation received $5,000 to establish the Mohawk Valley Farmers Market Managers Alliance, which will work to educate managers on market development, community relationship building, marketing skills and techniques for improving sales and profitability.

Image Initiative received $5,000 to conduct strategic planning in an effort to identify opportunities to increase the organization’s capacity to mentor at-risk young women.

Town of DeRuyter received $5,000 to install a gazebo to be used for community events at the Genevieve D. Stanley Civic Center.


View Grants from our 2014 Fiscal Year (April 1, 2013-March31, 2014):

Quarter 3 
Quarter 2 
Quarter 1


Third Quarter - Fiscal Year 2014

The Central New York Community Foundation awarded $417,943 in grants to 22 charitable organizations in Onondaga and Madison counties from its unrestricted and field of interest funds.

Arts, Culture & Humanities

Syracuse City Ballet received $20,000 to support the purchase of sets and costumes for its future production of Cinderella. The items will be able to be repurposed for future productions.

Syracuse Stage
received $25,000 to purchase an upgraded digital sound console that will enhance audience experience by improving the quality and consistency of sound during its productions.

Economic Development

Le Moyne College, in partnership with the New York Family Business Center, received $20,000 to develop programming and curriculum that benefits the local family business community through professional development and support.

Environment and Animals

The Cazenovia Preservation Foundation received $43,500 to complete structural and aesthetic enhancements to an integrated pond and wetland ecosystem in the Village of Cazenovia.

The CNY Regional Planning & Development Board received $15,000 to develop curriculum and purchase materials to introduce the Energy Challenge program in middle school classrooms. The program will offer hands-on learning experiences that promote energy-saving techniques for school and home.

Syracuse Parks Conservancy received $18,200 to operate a grants program that will fund beautification improvements in Syracuse neighborhoods and parks.

Health Care

The American Heart Association Greater Syracuse Division received $25,000 to implement two awareness-building programs: 1) Go Red Por Tu Corazon, which empowers Latina women to take action against heart disease, and 2) Check. Change. Control., an education program for African American women that focuses on the importance of blood pressure self-monitoring.

The Cathedral of Immaculate Conception received $20,000 to purchase dental equipment and a portable x-ray machine that will allow its Amaus Health Services program to provide primary dental care to uninsured and underinsured patients.

Christian Health Service of Syracuse received $22,500 to increase access to quality, affordable primary care for Medicaid patients by adding one mid-level health care provider to its clinic.

VNA Homecare received $40,000 to expand its Care Transitions Program, which promotes a seamless transition for hospital patients when returning home to prevent further complications.

Human Services

ACR Health received $13,473 to provide youth leadership training through the Q Center,, which will allow participants to explore their strengths and encourage them to take part in in creating a more supportive community for LGBTQ youth.

ENABLE/TLS received $20,000 to purchase an upgraded server and other technology that will better handle the load of the agency’s combined staff following its recent merger.

Good Life Foundation received $15,000 to establish a life coaching program that will work with high-risk youth to develop a life plan through coaching, financial literacy and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Multicultural Association of Medical Interpreters (MAMI) received $14,260 to provide a training course to its court interpreters preparing for the New York State Court English Language Proficiency Exam.

Ophelia’s Place received $11,200 to install a new HVAC system at its Liverpool location, where it provides outreach, support and advocacy for those impacted by eating disorders.

Salvation Army of Syracuse received $29,000 to train its staff on trauma-informed care, which will help shelter workers to address the problems homeless clients have faced, such as abuse, neglect, illness or domestic violence.

St. Camillus Health and Rehabilitation Center received $23,276 to relocate and enhance its resident gathering space, used by its physical rehabilitation patients for activities, parties and family visits.

Public & Societal Benefit

First Tee of Syracuse received $20,000 to purchase a passenger van that will transport children from community centers and schools to golf courses for character development programming.

Small Grants

Community Resources for Independent Seniors received $7,000 to implement a time-banking system that allows community members to log volunteer time to exchange for other volunteer-driven services in the future.

Faith and Hope Community Center received $5,000 to purchase new equipment for itsfitness and boxing programs.

Chestnut Hill Elementary School received $7,000 to purchase new playground equipment.

Meals on Wheels/FM-JD received $3,534 to install an automatic door to ease loading and unloading of delivery vehicles.



Second Quarter - Fiscal Year 2014

The Central New York Community Foundation awarded $405,497 in grants to 14 charitable organizations in Onondaga and Madison counties from its unrestricted and field of interest funds.

Arts, Culture & Humanities

Syracuse Children’s Chorus received $14,692 to start a Young Men’s Ensemble.


Literacy Volunteers of Greater Syracuse received $25,059 to implement a social media public relations and fundraising campaign to increase community awareness of its role in local adult education, and contribute to its long-term sustainability.

Environment and Animals

Baltimore Woods Nature Center received $13,216 to purchase a tractor utility package that will be used to maintain the Marcellus-based 182-acre nature preserve and its six miles of hiking trails.

Health Care

HealtheConnections received $7,000 to develop a business plan for its health planning services.

Oneida Healthcare Foundation received $11,300 to expand Fit Kids of Madison County, a health education, nutrition and fitness training program for overweight and obese children and their families.

Madison County Community Action Partnership received $50,000 to relocate and expand a free clinic that serves uninsured and underinsured patients in Oneida.

St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center Foundation received a $150,000 to increase primary and mental health care to residents of the Near Westside neighborhood. The new 18,000 square foot location on Gifford Street. The new 18,000 square foot home will house primary care, pediatrics, OB/GYN, mental health, radiology, and phlebotomy services in one facility.

Human Services

Boys & Girls Clubs of Syracuse received $40,000 to support its Enhanced Teen Programming, which is designed to contribute to student and life success while reducing crime and delinquency.

Center for Court Innovation received $25,000 to expand its Patient Navigator program, which connects court-involved women and their children with health care providers and community resources to lower the risk of poor maternal and childhood health.

McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Site received $40,700 to implement Darkness to Light, a community awareness program that works to help prevent child sexual abuse.

Public & Societal Benefit

FOCUS Greater Syracuse received $13,550 to assess the retention of aging Baby Boomers in Central New York for the benefit of community and economic development planning.

Small Grants

Clear Path for Veterans received $6,595 to purchase a cloud-based database system and office equipment.

CNY Family Bicycle Giveaway received $1,500 to replace tools and equipment used by volunteers to repair bicycles.

CORA Foundation/ArtRage Gallery received $6,885to host a series of engagement workshops in conjunction with its 2013-2014 exhibits.



First Quarter - Fiscal Year 2014

The Central New York Community Foundation awarded $348,439 in grants to 16 charitable organizations in Onondaga and Madison counties from its unrestricted and field of interest funds.

Arts, Culture & Humanities

Open Figure Drawing Inc. received $2,200 to purchase a state-of-the-art portable lighting system to be used during weekly drawing sessions on- and off-site.

Redhouse Arts Center, Inc. received $25,000 to convert an existing rehearsal space into a LAB Theater, a “black box” style theatre that provides a public performance space for educational programming. The new space will be used for community experiential learning opportunities in professional theater.

Syracuse University/Light Work Visual Studies received $20,907 to add sound and amplification capabilities to the video projection system used for the Urban Video Project (UVP). UVP presents artistic works and popular films through outdoor exhibits that project on the outside wall of the Everson Museum.

Syracuse University/601 Tully St. received $15,000 to develop and pilot an art-based curriculum designed to increase the nutritional awareness and health of children at Seymour School, located on the Near Westside. To encourage children to make healthy choices about the food they eat, a Nature Matching System will be introduced in the curriculum, culminating in the creation of a large-scale mural at the school.


Orenda Springs Experiential Learning Center received $3,500 to purchase and install a teepee to be used as an element of its experiential learning program.

Health Care

Crouse Health Foundation received $50,000 to purchase a Tomosynthesis 3-D mammography machine to help increase the rate of breast cancer detection in Onondaga County. The machine utilizes advanced, high-resolution technology that can help detect cancer sooner than conventional 2-D mammography.

human Services

Cazenovia Community Preschool received $34,140 towards renovations at its new, expanded facility for the 40-year-old organization.

Chenango Nursery School received $7,000 to purchase materials and equipment for use in an outdoor infant play space.

Disabled American Veterans Transportation Network received $29,000 to replace two vehicles used to provide free transportation to veterans unable to get to the Syracuse Veterans Affairs Medical Center for treatment. In 2012, the Network provided nearly 24,000 rides, covering almost 500,000 miles, to veterans seeking medical treatment.

Fiver Children's Foundation received $23,000 to expand its year-round youth support and development programs at its camp in Madison County, including the expansion of community events, college workshops, health programs and transportation for participants to make college visits. The agency’s programming provides children who are living in poverty with positive experiences and role-models, giving them the skills to make healthy life decisions and avoid risky behaviors.

Vera House, Inc. received $40,000 to install a new roof on its main shelter building, which provides emergency housing to victims of domestic violence.

Whole Me, Inc. received $12,300 to purchase kitchen supplies that will be used to teach deaf and hard-of-hearing youth with the independent life skills needed to prepare their own food and adopt healthy eating habits.

Public & Societal Benefit

Cazenovia Area Community Development Association received $10,344 to install informational kiosks and trail signage along the Greater Cazenovia recreational trail system. This is part of a larger effort to increase awareness of the trail system and promote Cazenovia as a recreational destination.

Greater Syracuse Tenants Network received $10,345 to update its landlord training manual. The organization’s landlord training workshops are aimed at reducing the number of housing code or other violations at rental properties, ultimately leading to fewer instances of landlord abandonment of rental properties.  

Jubilee Homes of Syracuse, Inc. received $35,703 for energy efficiency upgrades and renovations at its new office on Syracuse’s Southside. The consolidation of community development and neighborhood revitalization services at one location will help the organization reduce overall operational costs.

Syracuse Jewish Family Service received $30,000to launch CNY PEARLS, a collaborative, community-based program that offers a series of home visits by trained counselors to help seniors overcome depression and improve their overall quality of life. This grant was funded by the Carriage House Foundation Fund.

 View Grants from our 2013 Fiscal Year (April 1, 2012-March 31, 2013):

Quarter 1 
Quarter 2
Quarter 3

Third Quarter - Fiscal Year 2013

The Central New York Community Foundation awarded $215,062 in grants to 10 charitable organizations in Onondaga and Madison counties from its unrestricted and field of interest funds.

Arts, Culture & Humanities

Syracuse Stage received $34,600 to introduce a community engagement program for veterans, active military and their families. The organization will offer complimentary tickets, transportation, pre-show welcome receptions, and small discussion groups in an effort to build lasting connections to the military community.

Community Folk Art Center (CFAC) received $5,000 to expand the Caribbean Cinematic Festival. The second annual festival, to be held February 6 – 10, 2013, will feature film, dance, spoken word, photography, discussion and food from the Caribbean.

Onondaga Historical Association (OHA) received $25,000 to support its Creekwalk Mobile History Tour, including signage and a mobile device app. OHA plans to utilize mobile QR code technology to make video content available to those reading the Creekwalk signs.

Economic Development

Cazenovia College received $30,000 to support programming at the New York State Center for Equine Business Development. Rural business owners from across the region will be offered workshops, an annual symposium and individual business consulting to help strengthen their equine businesses.


Hamilton Central School received $7,000 to support the building of a new children’s playground.

Environment (Animals)

Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse received $20,000 to equip temporary mobile spay/neuter clinics in low income Syracuse neighborhoods to provide low-cost services and help regulate the stray and feral pet  populations.

The Great Swamp Conservancy (GSC) received $25,000 to support improvements to its Community Outreach Center in Canastota. Renovations of the current space will allow the center to offer new programs, expand attendance for existing programs, and display artifacts in a year-round facility.

Izaak Walton League of America received $32,982 to support after-school watershed and environmental stewardship education through the Creek Freaks program. The program will provide training and support to educators who work with youth in an extracurricular context.

Health Care

Oneida Healthcare Center received $10,480 to collaborate with the YMCA Tri-Valley, the Madison County Health Department, and local pediatricians on a pilot program that provides health education, nutrition and fitness training program for overweight and obese children and their families.

Human Services

YMCA of the Greater Tri-Valley received $25,000 to provide aquatic exercise and safety equipment at the Oneida branch. Purchasing and installing a pool lift and four underwater treadmills will allow the YMCA to better serve its members and comply with ADA regulations to allow therapeutic and recreational accessibility for all.

Second Quarter - Fiscal Year 2013

The Central New York Community Foundation awarded $320,030 in grants to 8 charitable organizations in Onondaga County from its unrestricted and field-of-interest funds.

Economic Development

Partners for Education and Business received $25,000 to expand its Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Teacher in the Workplace program, which places teachers in worksites in order to develop STEM-related lesson plans.


Partners In Learning, Inc. received $30,743 to update and expand the West Side Learning Center computer lab.


SUNY Upstate Medical University Foundation received $100,000 towards construction of the infusion playroom at the Center for Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders to be housed in the new Upstate Cancer Center.

Human Services

Hillside Children’s Center received $28,500 to connect youth in foster care to relatives and other supportive adults through Family Finding services.

Meals on Wheels of FM and JD received $3,595 to update its kitchen stove and oven unit. This grant was funded by the Carriage House Foundation Fund.

On Point for College received $22,192 to support the Stop-Out Program designed to reenroll students have stopped out of college for various reasons.


Public & Societal Benefit

North Area Volunteer Ambulance Corps of North Syracuse received $10,000 to assist in the conversion of its mobile radio system.

Syracuse Housing Authority (SHA) received $100,000 to support the rehabilitation of 48 low-income housing units at 400 and 410 West Onondaga and 828 West Streets on Syracuse's Near Westside.

First Quarter - Fiscal Year 2013

The Central New York Community Foundation awarded $488,126 in grants to 21 charitable organizations in Onondaga and Madison Counties from its unrestricted and field of interest funds.

Arts, Culture & Humanities

CNY Jazz Arts Foundation received $20,901 to support communications activities related to existing, expanding, and modified programming for the upcoming season. The Foundation's programs present, perform, and teach jazz music to a diverse audience in Central New York and the grant will help CNY Jazz Arts to grow its audience base.

Landmark Theatre Foundation received $40,000 to install a public elevator to provide access to the second floor mezzanine, where many private and community functions are held, as well as to balcony seating.

Museum of Science & Technology Foundation (MOST) received $50,000 to support the Energy - Powering your Future exhibit, which focuses on energy generation and conservation. The museum offers state-of-the-art interactive exhibitions that entertain and teach people of all ages.

Skaneateles Festival received $3,240 to host a chamber music concert and community art show in collaboration with The Red House Arts Center.

George & Rebecca Barnes Foundation received $22,500 to support architectural drawings and project plans for the restoration of the Barnes Hiscock Mansion. This building remains a living connection to the history of Syracuse and the social conscience of many of its prominent mid-19 century residents.


Colgate University received $5,012 to support a Young Writer's Workshop with middle and high school students, hosted five days a week. Its goal is to provide students with a stimulating and supportive environment in which young writers may think, imagine, and discover new ideas through the act of writing.

Literacy Volunteers of Onondaga County received $8,336 to upgrade its server and purchase laptops to outfit its new location in the SUNY Educational Opportunity Center building. Its vision is a community where every adult who wants to learn to read, write, and speak English has access to a fully integrated education system.

Liverpool Central School District received $19,225 to implement a program called Math and Movement at Long Branch Elementary. The program uses movement-based learning techniques to improve math and reading skills and build self-confidence in students.



Alzheimer’s Association received $12,500 to expand their constituent and donor database, which will enhance client services. This grant was funded in part by the Carriage House Foundation Fund.

Central New York Eye and Tissue Bank received $25,000 to purchase a Microkeratome machine, a precision surgical instrument used for corneal transplants. Obtaining this machine will improve patient outcomes and organizational efficiencies.

Human Services

Brewerton Community Child Care Program received $7,000 to install a new playground for children of all ages.

Catholic Charities received $50,000 to install Service Point, a data management system that improves case management. The system will help managers determine how individuals can access all beneficial services, advise clients about additional services available to them, and evaluate the need for new services.

Children’s Center at SUNY Morrisville received $20,000 to furnish its newly expanded and renovated space. The Center serves students and faculty, as well as the greater Morrisville community.

Children’s Consortium received $18,399 to support the Get Ready to Read Workshop Series, which encourages a family approach to childhood literacy. This program focuses on advancing early literacy and encouraging parental involvement in the learning process.

Enable received $7,000 to install fencing around the accessible playground at its Court Street facility. Enable empowers people with disabilities to achieve their goals at home, school, work, and play.

From the Ground Up received $7,000 to support the purchase of a horse trailer. This organization provides horse related activities and riding skills to individuals with cognitive, physical, emotional, social, and learning disabilities in a nurturing and challenging environment.

Hamilton Food Cupboard received $8,000 to purchase and install a greenhouse unit to grow fresh produce. The Hamilton food pantry helps provide healthy food to those who live in Madison County.

St. Camillus Health & Rehabilitation Center received $57,000 to install a new automatic sprinkler system in the nursing facility. This grant was funded in part by the Carriage House Foundation Fund.

Mental Health

Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare (SBH) received $75,000 to furnish the children’s resource room and counselor/client workspace, located in its new facility in the Learbury Centre. The integrated facility will have medical suites where people can have their medical, psychiatric and medication needs met in a modern, supportive environment.

Public & Societal Benefit

Downtown Committee of Syracuse received $28,813 to expand the number of hanging baskets displayed in Downtown Syracuse following a successful pilot last year.

Camillus Canal Society received $3,200to construct ten exercise stations along the path of the Camillus Erie Canal Park to increase wellness and recreation options. The well-used park offers visitors a variety of things to do, ranging from over 10 miles of scenic wooded paths and walkways, to boat rides along the historic Erie Canal.


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