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The Legacy Society

Donors who understand the importance of a permanent community endowment have trusted the Community Foundation to carefully manage and distribute their charitable fund for generations. Too often in the past, generous gifts entrusted to the Central New York Community Foundation have gone unrecognized because they came at the end of a donor’s life. The Legacy Society provides a way to recognize and honor those individuals who plan to benefit the Community Foundation through their wills, qualified retirement plans, life insurance policies, trusts or pooled life income fund gifts. We thank them and appreciate their generosity and thoughtfulness.

If you would like to join this tradition of extraordinary generosity, please let us know so you can be recognized. We would be pleased to provide you with information necessary to make an informed giving decision.

 Legacy Society Form

If you are interested in learning more about making a Legacy gift, we invite you to contact us by phone at 315.422.9538 or email info@cnycf.org

Members of our Legacy Society

As of March 31, 2020

Anonymous (86)
Lester C. Allen
Eugene G. Armani
Pamela V. Ashmead
Ronald & Carole Beckman
Annette & Lee Benson
Catherine Bertini
Hillary Bilford*
Patricia* & Walter Blackler
Steven Blind
Vicki Brackens
William V. Brennan
Harold Bristol
Phillip+ & Helen Buck
Minna R. Buck
Alicia & Dick Calagiovanni
Jack B. Capron
Anne M. Carnicelli
Kathleen A. Carpenter
James Casasanta & Catherine Casasanta
John G. Chomyk
Sylvia & William Cohen
Marilyn F. Crosby
Michael & Elaine Crough
Bob & Joan Derrenbacker
Peter J. Emerson
Paul M. Engle
Timothy & Kaye Fenlon
Ralph Ferrara
Dorris A. Fox
Marc B. Fried
Ian Gallacher & Julia McKinstry
Lee M. Gatta & Joe Reddick
Barbara W. Genton
Linda Dickerson Hartsock
Mr.+ & Mrs. Burnett D. Haylor
William & Sandra Hemmerlein
Bernie G. Henderson
Linda L. Henley
Patricia A. Hoffman
Alexander & Charlotte Holstein
Joyce Day Homan
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Hood
Dr. Peter & Mary Huntington
Sandra Hurd & Joel Potash
Elaine & Steven L. Jacobs
Elspeth J.C. Kerr
Mrs. Sally Kimball
Kathleen & James Kinsey
Jesse Kline
Marie M. Klossner
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Koerner
George & Luella Krahl
Jim & Harriet Keysor LeChander
Harold* & Mary+ Leonard
Martha Leopold
H. Richard Levy
Zalie & Bob Linn
Anne Gilmour Lloyd
James E. Mackin, Esq.
Thomas A. Brisk+ & Gerald M. Mager
Candace & John Marsellus
Jim & Ruth Marshall
Henry & Donna McIntosh
Gail M. Kinsella
Elisa Mescon
Anne L. Messenger
Joan M. Miller
Pamela Kip Reisman Monaco
Pauline M. Monz
Stephen W. Moyer
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Murphy, III
Janet P. & Richard W. Newman
Kathryn Nickerson
Martin Nolan
Theodore H. & Mary-Pat Northrup
James A. O'Connor
Margaret G. Ogden
Mary Pat Oliker
Caroline W. Palmer*
Steve Pekich
Eileen B. Phillips
Richard B. & Neva S. Pilgrim
J. Daniel Pluff
William G. Pomeroy
Lucinda Porter
Mr. & Mrs.+ William W. Porter
Marcia & James Quigley
Constance M. Quinn
Jon L.+ & Joyce P. Regier
Roger & Maggie Reid
Nicholas & Agnes* Renzi
Jodi & Jeff Rowe
Jeffrey Rubenstein
Tom & Mary Ryan
Robert Sarason & Jane Burkhead
Dr. Robert G. Sargent
Phyllis Hotchkiss Schwartz
Bonnie & Richard+ Scolaro
Karen R. Seymour
Pauline J. Sharp
Rhoda Sikes
Stephen H. Simon
Betsy-Ann N. Stone
Celestine & John Thompson
Charles+ & Cynthia G. Tracy
Howard C. Tupper
John S. Tuttle
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Welch
Elizabeth K. Welch
Franklin & Diane Wheelock
Barbara C. Wheler
Catherine J. Winger
Mr. & Mrs. J. Warren Young
* Passed away between April 1, 2020 and annual report publication deadline
+ Deceased member of a Legacy couple


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