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The Johnsons

Growing up, William had three little mothers – his sisters. In the hospital they acted like little nurses, and at home they helped with feeding and therapy. I was scared when William started school because he would have to leave my immediate presence. But just like with his sisters, the other children loved him and couldn’t get enough of him. They would talk to him, tell secrets and make him laugh. Regardless of his handicap, the kids showed him unconditional love. They would help him, and honestly, I think he helped them too.

In 2007, William’s heart couldn’t keep up with the demands of his growing body and he passed away. The kids in his class planted a tree in their schoolyard in his memory. They asked us if they could get together and talk about William with us. It was the first day we picked our heads up off of our chests.

We started the “Run/Walk for William” to raise money for an annual scholarship that will be awarded to local high school seniors going into the field of therapy, because therapists were so instrumental in giving William a normal life. With assistance from the Community Foundation, we were able to open a fund to house the William Johnson Memorial Fund.

William has been gone for five years, but we believe he is still helping all of us by reminding us of the important things in life. He was quite a treasure and always will be. You can never underestimate the power of the powerless.


If you're interested in opening a scholarship fund, learn more here.