Heart of Healthcare Nursing Scholarship Fund

The Heart of Healthcare Nursing Scholarship was established by Onondaga County under the leadership of County Executive Ryan McMahon in partnership with the Allyn Family Foundation and the Central New York Community Foundation. Both locally and nationally, the healthcare sector is experiencing a severe shortage of nurses. This scholarship aimed to address this issue in our community as the industry recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Heart of Healthcare Scholarship was a last dollar tuition based scholarship for first year nursing students that had been accepted into a local nursing program at the following colleges:

  • Onondaga Community College
  • Upstate Medical University College of Nursing
  • Le Moyne College
  • Pomeroy College of Nursing at Crouse Hospital
  • St. Joseph’s Health College of Nursing
  • Bryant & Stratton College

The scholarship covered the balance of tuition after state, federal and institutional aid had been applied. To be eligible for this scholarship, students had to be residents of Onondaga County.

Heart of Healthcare Nursing Scholarships were limited to the availability of funding provided by Onondaga County.

Thank you for your interest in the Heart of Healthcare Nursing Scholarship. We regret to inform you that the 2023-2024 Heart of Healthcare Nursing Scholarship application is now closed.

The Heart of Healthcare Nursing Scholarship operated on a cohort-based framework. This means that it was designed to support a particular group or class of students during a specific academic year. Scholarships within this framework are tailored to meet the financial needs of students within that designated cohort.

As a result, we will not be accepting new applications for the upcoming academic year, 2024-2025. Instead, the scholarship was exclusively available for students who were part of the 2023-2024 cohort designated for that academic year. Please contact your financial aid office with any questions.