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Grants Awarded from the Pulaski Community Fund

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Bethel Community Center received $3,000 to repair, sand and refinish the Center's floor in anticipation of reopening the historic building to the public.

Friends of Oswego County Hospice
received $2,000 to send 10 local children to Camp Rainbow of Hope. The camp is a residential experience for children ages 8-12 who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

Half Shire Historical Society received $8,000 to install vinyl laminate flooring in its headquarters located in the former Richland Hamlet School.

Preservation Revitalization of Pulaski (PROP) received $2,000 to sponsor entertainment for its community festivals including the Old Home Days Festival and Light Up Pulaski and $3,000 in support of its downtown beautification and improvement program.

Pulaski Academy Prom Committee received $1,000 to host an after-prom gathering at an entertainment facility to ensure student safety.

Pulaski Community Ministries received $1,000 to design and purchase marketing materials for its Community Cupboard food pantry.

Pulaski Congregational Church received $2,500 to host a LaVeck Concert featuring local CNY artists. The concert series is designed to make music accessible to the local community.

Pulaski Farmers' Market received $2,000 to purchase portable toilets and advertising for the event.

Pulaski Historical Society received $2,500 to purchase a large-format photo scanner which will allow for the creation of a digital archive of preserved historical information.


Bethel Community Center received $3,500 to repair interior walls and trim, update electrical wiring and install a new bathroom to help preserve the Center’s historic structure for community use.

Friends of Oswego County Hospice received $1,000 to support the cost of sending Pulaski-area children to Camp Rainbow of Hope. The camp provides children ages 8-12 who have experienced the loss of a loved one with counseling services and activities such as storytelling and healing circles.

Half-Shire Historical Society received $2,500 to purchase a new laptop computer to use for scanning photos at community events. The new equipment will allow the organization to expand its digital collection of historical photos to aid in family history research. Funding will also be used to print a backlog of digital images to be placed in archival albums.

Lions Club of Pulaski received $1,149 to purchase an awning for the Club’s food wagon. The upgrade will allow for all-weather food service during community events.

Oswego County Opportunities received $5,000 to purchase and install a Lift and Care System to help wheelchair-bound residents of its Salmon Meadow Lane home transfer in and out of their wheelchairs safely and more efficiently.

Pulaski Area Pop Warner received $2,500 to purchase new helmets for its football team. The new helmets will replace outdated helmets to ensure the safety of the children while playing.

Pulaski Community Ministries received $1,000 to purchase a laptop computer and supplies for its Community Cupboard food pantry. The upgrades will allow for online reporting and ordering to ensure accuracy and timeliness.

Richland Hamlet Recreation Association received $3,000 to purchase “Hamlet of Richland” and holiday banners to beautify the hamlet, bolster community pride and honor Richland’s historical identity.

Sage Brook Horse Foundation & Youth Program received $3,000 to install a round horse pen for its youth horse riding program. The program matches horses in need of a new home with youth in need of a friend.

Salmon River Fine Arts Center received $1,660 to purchase a pottery wheel, kiln vent and dehumidifier for use by community art classes in the Center’s newly renovated basement workshop space.


Bethel Community Center received $3,500 to support the installation of a two tiered deck at the center’s entrance. The project will provide members of the organization and community with a safe entrance and exit from the center.

Monday Historical Club received $4,000 to refurbish the early pioneers and founders monument in South Park. The restoration will help prolong the life of the monument which has been an integral part of the South Park landscape for 105 years.

Preservation Revitalization of Pulaski (PROP) received $3,500 to purchase tents that will be used at various sponsored events. This will allow PROP to make its events much more feasible and allow them to become financially independent. These tents will be used in multiple projects and be available for use for other non-profit events.

Pulaski Area Little League received $2,500 to make restrooms at the Otis Field facility handicapped accessible. The restrooms have not been remodeled since the building was built around 1980.

Pulaski Historical Society received $4,700 to purchase a storage barn that will house artifacts and displays. The barn will allow the Historical Society to preserve and exhibit more of Pulaski’s history to the public and enhance the experience of seeing some of the larger items in its collection.

Rural and Migrant Ministry of Oswego County received $1,000 to purchase locking file cabinets and replace outdated office furniture. The new additions will make the building more user friendly for its staff and ensure the protection of confidential documents.

United Friends of Homeless Animals received $6,440 to develop a spay/neuter program for the village of Pulaski and town of Richland. The program will help with limiting the amount of feral cats breeding and spreading disease


Farnham Family Services received $2,500 to support a part time counselor at Pulaski High School responsible for addressing substance abuse and at-risk indicators.

Half-Shire Historical Society received $3,000 for insulation and repairs to the back wall in the main room of the Historical Center.

Move Along received $500 to conduct two adaptive sport demonstrations in wheelchair basketball, sled hockey and cycling at Pulaski Schools.

Preservation Revitalization of Pulaski received $2,500 to install additional welcome signs for the Village and $2,000 to cover marketing and entertainment costs for the second annual Pulaski Winter Festival.

Pulaski Congregational Church received $500 to support the 2014 Rhea LaVeck Memorial Concert Series.

Pulaski Historical Society received $1,200 to furnish the center with tables and chairs for regular public meetings.

Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital and the Pulaski Bear Team received $1,000 in support for a Pulaski-based volunteer team to create Build-A-Bears for children receiving treatment at the hospital.

Northern Oswego County Ambulance received $2,000 to purchase equipment that would allow ambulance crews to access electronic medical records.


Pulaski Academy & Central Schools received $2,400 to support the Alternative Energy Club’s project to create a biodiesel vehicle and processing station. The project aims to teach students engineering and science application skills to make the students more competitive in the workforce and as they enter college.

Preservation & Revitalization of Pulaski (PROP) received $3,000 in support of new village welcome signs. The project aims to enhance the impression of Pulaski as a welcoming community.

Pulaski Congregational Church received $3,000 to support the Rhea LaVeck Memorial Classical Music Concert Series. The concert series honors longtime Pulaski church organist and public school teacher Rhea LaVeck by providing a series of five classical music concerts throughout the year.

Make Sense Shop received $3, 500 to replace aging residential refrigerators with a commercial refrigerator. The Makes Sense Shop serves the community as a used book store, café, and gift shop that sells student produced items. The shop also facilitates a life skills and employment skills program.

Rural and Migrant Ministry of Oswego County, Inc. received $2,500 to support the repair of the walkway/sidewalk outside of its facility. This will allow safe access to the facility for visitors of its medical clinic, counseling services and food pantry.

The Salmon River Festival received $2,000 to support entertainment and marketing for the 2013 Salmon River Festival. The festival teaches about cultural diversity and promotes the regions art and tourism attractions.

The Salmon River Fine Arts Center received $2,500 to upgrade office computing hardware and software, including the museum’s software management system. This will allow for efficient management of donations and membership. The Center also offers studio space and classes to area students and residents as far north as Oswego.


CNY Fit for Kids received funding to install neighborhood watch and drug-free zone signs in local parks in collaboration with Pulaski Protecting a Community Together (P.A.C.T.) The initiative will include monthly education meetings that address creating and maintaining safe neighborhoods and how to encourage children to take advantage of local parks to remain active and healthy.

Half-Shire Historical Society received funding to install furnace units on the first floor of its of its headquarters in Richland. The Half-Shire Historical Society serves to preserve, promote and present the history of the nine townships in northern Oswego County, the Lewis County town of Osceola and the Oneida County town of Florence.

Northern Oswego County Ambulance (NOCA) received funding to purchase a specialized device that will assist EMS personnel in extricating a patient from upper floors not accessible by elevator. NOCA provides Emergency Medical Services and transport of injured or ill people in the Pulaski and surrounding communities to area hospitals for further treatment.

Pulaski Historical Society received funding towards the expansion of the Carriage House Museum, which holds some of the Society’s records, artifacts and displays. The expansion will increase the museum’s exhibit space and allow for handicap accessibility. The Pulaski Historical Society strives to discover, catalog and preserve material and objects pertinent to the history of the Pulaski area.

Salmon River Fine Arts Center purchased brochures, promotional materials and a sign for its new location on North Jefferson Street in the village of Pulaski. The Arts Center offers a series of quality art classes that give the local community a chance to study a variety of traditional techniques in the production of handcrafted art.

The Salmon River Festival provided opportunities and exposure to local businesses and artists, and support a sense of community in Pulaski and the surrounding areas. Specifically, this grant will help fund family-friendly entertainment at the Festival.


Rural and Migrant Ministry received $3,049 to support the food pantry. A new freezer cost $549 and the remaining $2,500 was used to stock and run the food pantry in response to economic conditions in the area. Rural and Migrant Ministry is a multifaceted facility that provides free primary healthcare, medications and family counseling services to an at-risk population without health insurance. They also have a food pantry and frequently partner with other community groups and schools to provide food to people in need.

North Oswego County Ambulance (NOCA) received $4,230 to purchase computer equipment that will help emergency responders improve reaction time, streamline billing and capture more comprehensive demographic information. Since 1974, NOCA has provided Pulaski and surrounding communities with emergency ambulance and EMS services.

Pulaski Farmers’ Market received $2,500 to support entertainment and expansion of the Market. The Pulaski Farmers’ Market is a sub-committee of the Preservation and Revitalization of Pulaski (PROP) organization. This event is held Friday evenings in the spring, summer and early fall and features local artists, farmers, crafters and musicians.

Pulaski Sports Booster Club received $2,500 to help reinstate JV baseball and softball for the 2012 school year at Pulaski Senior High School. The Sports Booster Club is a group of community members and parents who work in collaboration with students to support the sports programs of the Pulaski Central School District through fundraising, community events and volunteerism.

Salmon River International Sports Fishing Museum received $2,430 to purchase surveillance cameras, an event tent and banner, a trunk for materials transportation and support for the transfer of archival films to DVD. The Salmon River International Sport Fishing Museum houses one of the oldest known collections of sport fishing artifacts. The collection is displayed for the benefit of the public at the museum’s location in Pulaski, NY.

Make Sense Shop received $7,500 to support additional storage space, two sewing machines for on-site production and a commercial dishwasher for training in the shop’s kitchen. The Make Sense Shop is a school-based store and an online catalogue shop that provides job-training and life skill development for students with special needs in the Pulaski Academy, APW, Sandy Creek and Mexico school districts.


Half-Shire Historical Society received $2,250 to purchase and install wood flooring in the building’s southwest classroom exhibit space. The new flooring will allow the room to serve as exhibit space for the first time in fifteen years. The brightly lit, spacious room will be used to display antique furniture, a corner on historic taverns and various photos and paintings.The Half-Shire Historical Society was founded in 1972 to study and preserve the unique history and artifacts of Northeastern Oswego County. The organization provides educational programs for all ages with rotating programs and exhibits at various locations. The 1926 brick structure where the Society is housed was once the Richland Hamlet Elementary School. 

Pulaski Early Learning Center received $1,860 to purchase training DVDs and posters for Center staff and families. Training topics will include behavior modification, social and emotional development, math in early childhood and recognizing and reporting child abuse. Founded in 1973, the Pulaski Early Learning Center is a Day Care Center in Pulaski, run in partnership with the Pulaski Academy and Central School District. 

North Oswego County Ambulance received $2,462 to purchase EMS Charts Software. The software will improve the NOCA’s information management efficiencies by offering trend analysis, supporting the administrative department and keeping in contact with other agencies in the area with the same software. Since 1974, NOCA has provided the community with emergency ambulance and EMS services. 

Make Sense Shop received $2,500 to help construct a storage area in the kitchen as well as enlarge a classroom to provide more computer space in its new building. The Make Sense Shop is a school-based store and an online catalogue shop that provides job-training and life skill development for students with special needs in the Pulaski Academy, APW, Sandy Creek and Mexico school districts. 

Richland Fire Department received $3,000 to purchase protective gear and boots, which will allow them to more safely respond to the needs of the community.


Northern Oswego County Ambulance received $2,370 to purchase a new capnography machine. This device measures the amount of carbon dioxide released upon exhalation, thus allowing paramedics to recognize oxygen deficiency. NOCA was founded in 1974 and serves seven townships in Central New York, including Richland.

Northern Oswego County Health Services received $1,000 to bring an anti-drug and alcohol message to adolescents in the Sandy Creek School District. The program will be conducted by motivational speaker Dan Davis and is based on his personal experience.

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing received $1,500 to fund its Oswego County Chapter. The Chapter works with outpatient facilities serving Veterans in and around Oswego County to facilitate healing through outdoor recreation and community efforts.

Pulaski Day Care Center received $1,400 to enhance classroom curriculum and storage as well as replace furniture. The funds expanded the literacy center, science exploration and gross motor center. Established nearly 40 years ago, Pulaski Day Care Center serves children and families residing in Pulaski and the surrounding communities.

Pulaski Farmers’ Market received $2,239 to increase marketing efforts and bring more vendors and shoppers to the market and the downtown Pulaski area. The Friday evening event runs weekly from June through September in Pulaski’s South Park.

Pulaski Marching Band received $1,832 to support its trip to Washington D.C. for the 2009 Independence Day Parade. The Blue Devils were the only marching band in New York State represented at the Independence Day Parade. The Pulaski Marching Band and Color Guard has 120 members.

Rural & Migrant Ministry of Oswego County received $957 to purchase sewing machines for community projects. The three sewing machines enhanced two community projects –“Sew You Can Read” and “Quilts for Children.” Rural & Migrant Ministry was founded in 1999 to provide free primary healthcare, medications and individual, couple and in-home family counseling services to an at-risk population without health insurance.

Salmon River Festival received $2,000 to help provide family-oriented entertainment at the annual Festival. The day-long celebration, to be held on September 19, 2009, features crafts, games, food, music, a vintage car show and a 5K/10K walk and run in the community of Pulaski.

Salmon River Ice Hockey Association received $1,000 to purchase additional rental skates for public use. The new skates provide the capacity for 17 additional public skaters. SRIHA is a volunteer-run association that aims to organize and train youth for ice skating and playing ice hockey. The association organizes Salmon River Ice Hockey, the Ontario Bay Storm, an adult hockey program, figure skating program and public skate.


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