Дати голос взимку 2024: Історія грантоотримувача

Консультативна рада з питань чорного капіталу та досконалості (Black Equity & Excellence Advisory Council) відповідає за розгляд грантових пропозицій та надання рекомендацій щодо фінансування, а також виявлення прогалин та можливостей для створення більш справедливого та економічно інклюзивного Центрального Нью-Йорка для чорношкірої громади.

Group of women standing on stairs of chapel

Giving Voice Spring 2023: Donor Story

The Black Equity & Excellence Advisory Council is charged with reviewing grant proposals and making funding recommendations as well as identifying gaps and opportunities to create a more equitable and economically inclusive Central New York for the Black community.

Children standing with paramedic

Seventeen grants from our Black Equity & Excellence Fund totaling $240,000 were distributed to support Black-led nonprofit organizations and projects that counteract systemic racism.

Central New York Community Foundation at Juneteenth Parade

Last month’s Juneteenth parade, a city-wide expression of pride, brought together the Black community in a display of cultural recognition and social dialogue. Without the phenomenal work of Juneteenth Inc., the festival would not have touched as many hearts as it did.

Nikki Jones

Nikki R. Jones is creating and trailblazing a path for black women in her community.

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Giving Voice Spring 2022: Cover Story

Who Want Smoke BBQ staff and students

For Tamica Barnett, barbecues have the potential to uplift communities while creating a newfound sense of understanding and comradery.

Black Media Mogul Maker attendant

Central New York is bursting with creativity; Black Media Mogul Maker seeks to amplify its potential.