BWG’s Rainbow Fund

When Barb Genton was growing up in Syracuse in the 1950s, she observed her parents participating in civic and religious organizations while balancing work and home responsibilities. Her father could never say no to a volunteer opportunity. This active community participation and volunteerism were models she learned to live by. At age 13, she participated in her first volunteer service by becoming a youth counselor at a local day camp. That experience helped define her as she later served as an elementary teacher for 36 years.

Over the years Barb served on numerous committees and boards for organizations that she cared about. She loves helping people, and feeling like she is making some kind of contribution to others. She accepted support from others when she needed it over her lifetime, which affected her profoundly. Barb created this fund to provide support to a cause dear to her heart: SAGE Upstate. SAGE is an organization that provides educational and social support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) seniors. Barb served on the organization’s board of directors for many years.

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