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If everyone joined together to give 5% of their assets to charity through their estates, imagine what magnitude of change could be made in our five-county region. That additional support would mean millions of dollars more each year for our local nonprofits and would help fund state-of-the-art programs of all kinds: after-school programs, arts education, safe and affordable housing, environmental conservation, job readiness and economic development, historic preservation, animal welfare…the possibilities are endless.

When you give a legacy gift to the Community Foundation, your charitable dollars are pooled with other gifts, invested to grow over time and used to fund programs that improve Central New York communities. The following stories show our grants and initiatives in action, supporting and enhancing some of your favorite causes. Now, imagine what we can do with your support!

Stories of Impact

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At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, InterFaith Works of Central New York began distributing surplus milk from the American Dairy Association, which led to the creation of a vast food pantry network now supporting 32 grassroots pantries.

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Katie Weaver, director of development of A Tiny Home for Good, explains how A Tiny Home for Good contributes to neighborhood revitalization through a housing solution that addresses the pressing need for affordable homes in the City of Syracuse’s distressed neighborhoods.

Cortland Bright Ideas 2024

Applicants were invited to submit a ‘bright idea’ for enhancing their nonprofit and explain how that idea will help the organization to better serve its community.