John P. L. and Cornelia Hatcher Family Fund

Lang and Nini Hatcher grew up next door to each other, married and proceeded to spend decades together happily raising their children and caring for their community. Formally known as John Pierrepont Langford Hatcher and Cornelia Wayland-Smith Hatcher, they were both descendants of two prominent families of the Oneida Community Mansion House (Mansion House), which later formed Oneida, Ltd., the globally-known manufacturer of Oneida silverware. Lang worked for the family business and held many positions including managing director of UK Operations in Bangor, Northern Ireland and later in London.

Both Lang and Nini were active members in the community and loved to read. While Nini preferred works of fiction, Lang enjoyed historical accounts. He collected a great deal of historical information about his family, Oneida Ltd. and the Mansion House. The Hatchers imparted wisdom through the Mansion House library where Nini kept abreast of the New York Times Sunday Book Reviews and ordered current affairs magazines for the patrons of the Mansion House and the surrounding community. Always thoughtful, Lang cut out and mailed articles on subjects of interest to friends and family, while Nini preferred emailing poems to her children with a note that she was thinking of them.

With the Mansion House being central to their lives, Lang chose to create the John Pierrepont Langford & Cornelia Hatcher Fund through a bequest which will support the Mansion House for years to come.

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