Lawrence E. Root Fund

Lawrence E. Root was born in Cambridge, MA, the son of Earl C. and F. Louise (Kearns) Root. Larry attended the Charles Andrews School in Syracuse before entering MIT in 1943. He was drafted into the infantry in 1943 and saw his first action at Koln, Germany in 1944. When the war ended in May, 1945, his unit was then sent to the Pacific Theater and he was in the Philippines when the Atomic Bomb was dropped. Cpl. Lawrence came home and was discharged in April, 1946. He then entered Syracuse University, graduating in 1949. He pursued his master’s degree at MIT and began work with the Fafner Co. and then Rollway Bearing Company in Syracuse as a mechanical engineer. His life revolved around his engineering profession and helping others. Lawrence worked 42 years in the ball and roller bearing technology. He never forgot his connection with Central New York and the community will benefit from this fund in perpetuity.

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