Martha, Gracia & Robert Leopold Fund

When Martha Leopold was young, she came down with the chicken pox, causing damage to her ear and permanent hearing loss. Nevertheless, her parents always supported her and helped her overcome whatever barriers she faced. They encouraged her to travel, get involved in the community and pursue her dreams. She remained incredibly close with them both until their passing.

Even though she had a hard time in school, there were things about it that she liked. She felt that her education was a privilege and worked hard to keep up in school, graduating from Liverpool High School in 1963. She later worked for Merchant Bank where she stayed employed for 30 years.

Both her father and mother did a lot of volunteering through St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and were always helping other people. Religion and giving back were important pieces of their lives.

Martha chose to name this fund to include her parents, Gracia Cottet Leopold and Robert Leopold, as a way to honor them as a part of her family’s legacy. This fund will provide perpetual support in the Central New York community to address the community’s greatest charitable needs.

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