Richard & Marilyn Alberding Charitable Fund

Richard and Marilyn Alberding settled in Cazenovia in 1994 after long, successful careers, extensive travel around the world and building a family together. They were active in their lakeside community and created cherished memories with family and friends. The Alberdings enjoyed 41 years of marriage before Marilyn passed away on June 6, 2023. Dick followed just 12 days later.

Richard “Dick” Charles Alberding was born in Elgin, Illinois in 1931 to second-generation Swedish-Americans.

After serving in the U.S. Army’s Counter Intelligence Corps from 1953-56, Dick earned an electrical engineering degree from DeVry Technical University and in 1958 began working at the then small electronic equipment company, Hewlett-Packard. Dick remained with HP until his retirement in 1992. Throughout his career and well into retirement, Dick’s business advice was sought after by entrepreneurs and boards of directors.

A native of Syracuse, Marilyn Clark Wilkinson Alberding graduated from Wells College in 1953 and earned an MBA from Harvard Business School through Radcliffe College. Training women in business was viewed as radical at the time and she excelled in management.

She also received a Master’s in Library Science from Simmons College and worked as a Research Librarian and Training Manager at Hewlett Packard where she mentored many women in their careers. Marilyn enjoyed hosting Christmas parties, summer chamber music concerts and May Teas with her kindergarten classmates. Her favorite times were being with family and friends making everyone feel at home and welcome.

The Alberdings established a donor-advised fund at the Community Foundation so they could request grants to their favorite charities during their lifetimes. They designed a succession plan for their fund that will now provide funding for causes that support Madison County, the environment, animals, the arts, culture, humanities and education for years to come.

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