Ruth E. Krull Fund

Raised on a farm where frugality was a daily necessity, Ruth Krull was very thoughtful about managing her money. She grew up in a rural community where neighbors helped neighbors and where simple generosity was a given when needs arose. She and her husband Duane, president and CEO of a successful tool and die business, agreed that in a general sense, charity was a necessity for a fulfilled life. Ruth, who worked as a bookkeeper at Agway, used her personal wealth wisely while she was living. She established this fund through her estate, knowing that her charitable dollars would be stewarded just as carefully. The fund provides support for the betterment of those who genuinely need a hand-up and a helpful start in life.

Ruth, who passed away in 2020, was a native New Yorker from Truxton and lived in Central New York for most of her life. She also spent time in Naples, Florida with her husband and her beloved pet parrots: Rico and Sonny.

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