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At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, InterFaith Works of Central New York began distributing surplus milk from the American Dairy Association, which led to the creation of a vast food pantry network now supporting 32 grassroots pantries.

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Katie Weaver, director of development of A Tiny Home for Good, explains how A Tiny Home for Good contributes to neighborhood revitalization through a housing solution that addresses the pressing need for affordable homes in the City of Syracuse’s distressed neighborhoods.

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Learn about the expertise and passionate commitment amongst our team members as they drive positive change and inspire others in our community.

The unexpected and unrestricted nature of Lucy’s bequest echoes the quiet yet profound impact individuals can have on causes they hold dear, even in the absence of overt support during their lifetime.

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Education was a cornerstone for the Koerner kids, instilled by their successful and civic-minded parents. Now, their parents’ legacy of shaping young minds to supporting vital causes lives on through the Community Foundation, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.

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Giving has always been intrinsic to Leyla Morgillo's being whether it be through her time or treasure. Now she helps her clients do the same—making impactful change in Central New York and beyond.

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With the year is in full swing, now is a good time for advisors to review a few basic tax principles related to charitable giving. Here are three questions that are top of mind for many advisors, along with answers that can help you serve...

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Monu Chhetri, founder & CEO of Deaf New American Advocacy, Inc. explains how her participation in Resilia has been crucial to the success of her organization.

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Giving Voice Winter 2024: Grantee Story

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Giving Voice Winter 2024: Granting Matters