Collage photos of Bob Vitkus fishing and with friends and family

When Bob Vitkus passed away last year, his estate named the Community Foundation the recipient of $10 million to support outdoor parks and recreation areas, a cause that had significant importance to him.

Through their work in the fields of medicine and education, Jef Sneider and Gwen Kay have spent their lives teaching and caring for adults. When the couple began giving charitably together, they both agreed on one thing: they wanted to advocate for children.

SOMAC volunteers conducting a motor vehicle accident training

SOMAC, an organization that provides emergency medical services to Madison County residents, relies heavily on 42 licensed student volunteers from neighboring Colgate University.


Named after one of the first White settlers in the region who befriended members of the Onondaga Nation and then later betrayed them, Webster Pond has outgrown its checkered past and landed on some of the best qualities of a public space: equity, care for...


For more than 35 years, the India Community Religious and Cultural Center (ICRCC) has been a vibrant organization that is fulfilling its mission to share and promote India’s rich cultural and religious heritage in the greater Syracuse area and support the community-at-large.

Group of OGs Against Violence volunteers

Clifford Ryan, a strong advocate against police brutality and racism, also fights to put an end to violence within what he calls his “village.”

Donald Trufant

Donald Trufant

Thanks to the generosity of former Cayuga County resident Donald Trufant, a $3 million scholarship fund will award annual scholarships to graduates of Auburn and Union Springs high schools.

Mary Thorpe

The Thorpes

The generosity of this brother-sister team will now carry on into perpetuity. Already it has provided meaningful grants to programs in Syracuse and surrounding communities.

The Spanfelners

The Spanfelners

Visiting Idaho and Montana every year to fish, the Spanfelners felt a strong connection to nature and sought to honor it with their field-of-interest fund.

Don Ryder

Don Ryder

Don Ryder lived a very private and quiet life in Baldwinsville, NY. But when he passed away, he left an indelible mark on our community by leaving his entire estate to benefit CNY charities.