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Funds & Donors

The following pages list the more than 740 funds established at the Community Foundation since 1927. Each fund has its own purpose and history, but all of them gain strength from being managed together. The Community Foundation is honored to serve as the steward of these funds, striving to make our community stronger today and in the future.


Agency Funds

Nonprofit organizations house funds at the Community Foundation to help ensure a permanent source of income.

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Designated Special Project Funds

These funds, sometimes with limited time frames, are used for special projects or endeavors that benefit our community.

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Designated Funds

Designated Funds are established by donors to support one or more of their favorite nonprofit organizations. Many organizations receive crucial annual support from these funds.

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Donor-Advised Funds

Donor-advised funds are established by individuals, families or businesses that choose to be actively involved in the grantmaking process. Donors with a range of community interests find these to be an ideal tool for conveniently fulfilling charitable wishes.

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Field-of-Interest Funds

Field-of-Interest fundholders have chosen one or more focal points for their giving, often based on their personal interests. Funding is given to the types of causes that fundholders care about the most, while remaining flexible to meet changing community needs in the focus areas over time.

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Scholarship Funds

Scholarship funds, often created in honor or in memory of a loved one, award annual scholarships to deserving students of our local schools. Many often exemplify the goals and values of the person for whom the fund was established.

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Community Funds

The Community Foundation depends on its unrestricted funds to proactively address the changing needs of the community and facilitate innovative responses. Our unrestricted fundholders have established legacies that provide flexible support to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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