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Children enjoy the petting zoo at the Salmon River Festival in Pulaski.

Imagine a whole town exploding into laughter, families enjoying the landscapes, competitive runs, fishing, and tourists filling restaurants and theaters each year.

Students from the Pulaski Energy Club pose with models of wind turbines.

"Our community has always embraced its environment, and our success as a club over the past 5 years is a testament to the students’ passion for the environment and the concept of living more sustainably."

A student poses at the dishwasher at the Makes Sense Shop in Pulaski.

As a program operated by several school districts, the Make Sense shop is an example of collaboration in partnership with their community and with other businesses.

An outside view of the Bethel Community Center in Pulaski.

The Bethel Community Center building, built in 1848, holds a long history in the small town. But for many years, the center faced neglect. In 2009, Linda and Ron decided to step in.

A woman smiles and speaks to a crowd

The Community Foundation recently awarded a second round of grants from its new Black Equity & Excellence Fund. Grants from the fund support Black-led nonprofit organizations and projects that counteract systemic racism.

Recent graduate holds degree while in cap and gown

A new service expansion into Madison County will help students more easily find the healthy support system they need as they explore opportunities for a higher education.

Headshot of Kymberle Benderski

The Central New York Community Foundation has hired a new accountant.

hand holding growing money

Donor-advised funds have garnered increasing popularity as charitable vehicles for their flexibility, administrative ease, and tax advantages.

Peter Dunn

Peter Dunn explores the collaborative unification of Say Yes Syracuse and the Central New York Community Foundation.

Letty Murray in front of framed photo from her wedding day

A woman's extraordinary and inspiring persona is fueled by her generosity, kindness, and responsibility.