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Aerial view of houses

One may think that the characteristics of poverty within Syracuse span all regions of the city. In reality, when you look deeper you can see that the challenges and opportunities experienced by residents vary based on neighborhood. It can be difficult for social programs to...

Several plans for a new museum were found in Helen Everson's home, suggesting that she may have hoped to see a new building erected during her lifetime.

She was an accomplished writer and authored several highly acclaimed research papers, often based on historical themes, including a paper on the history of Iroquois Wampum, as well as a general history of Onondaga County, both of which are still regularly referenced at the Onondaga...

In 1896, the Wieting Theater burned down for a 3rd time, and Mary re-built it again, making it bigger and better, turning it into the number one theater in Syracuse.

Gifford inherited just over $1,000,000 (equivalent to approximately $16,700,000 in today’s dollars).

A woman leading a group through a presentation.

The Central New York Community Foundation is awarding a $15,000 grant to Interfaith Works to promote completion of the 2020 Census with New Americans and seniors, two populations that are notoriously undercounted in the decennial count.

Children enjoy the petting zoo at the Salmon River Festival in Pulaski.

The Greater Pulaski Community Endowment Fund recently awarded $28,376 in grants to nonprofit organizations serving the greater Pulaski area.

A family poses with the Easter Bunny.

The STEHP program provides people facing eviction with the resources to stay in their home while the Transitional Housing program provides families with short-term and long-term housing assistance necessities.

Sage's estate at the time of her death consisted of close to $50,000,000, almost all of which went to charity.

Dancers practice at the Auburn Public Theater.

The Cayuga Community Fund, awarded $73,050 to 24 nonprofit organizations that serve residents of Cayuga County.