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The Strategic Partnership Fund

We all know that effective nonprofit organizations are vital to the health and vitality of any community. Since the current economic instability has created challenges to the wellbeing of the whole nonprofit sector, leaders are wrestling to address the changes in community need while also balancing their already tight budgets. These growing challenges have also prompted some to consider dramatic new levels of collaboration to ensure the future sustainability of vital community service they supply.
The Strategic Partnership Fund supports organizations seeking to create new synergies in and between nonprofits that will enable them to enhance program delivery and achieve more effective and efficient use of limited financial and human resources. Our hope is that the financial support offered through the Strategic Partnership Fund will enable these collaborative partnerships to prosper.
Grants from the Strategic Partnership Fund support willing organizations pursuing the following:
  • Exploration, Pre-Negotiation, Negotiation & Due Diligence
  • Administrative consolidation 
  • Joint programming 
  • Joint venture 
  • Regionalization 
  • Formation of subsidiary or parent-subsidiary 
  • Reengineering or restructuring
  • Mergers and consolidations 
  • Nonprofit dissolutions

Funds will be made available for nonrecurring costs related specifically to implementing strategic partnership activities listed above. Typical expenses include professional, legal, human resource management, information management, organizational development and/or technical assistance required to accomplish a desired change.



Those organizations serving Cayuga, Cortland, Madison, Onondaga or Oswego counties are eligible to apply.


Strategic Partnership Fund Documents

Grant Application and Guidelines 
We strongly encourage all interested parties to please contact us prior to submitting an application at 315-422-9538 or fridzi@cnycf.org

 Grant Report Form
 Important Note: This application form is a fillable PDF form. This form is compatible with Adobe Reader. If you are using a Mac, please download Adobe Reader to fill out this form. The form is not compatible with the default Mac Preview program. Thank you!

To learn more about application guidelines and how to apply, contact Frank Ridzi at 315-422-9538 or email FRidzi@cnycf.org

 Strategic Partnership Questions?
If you have questions about applying for a Strategic Partnership grant, please contact Frank Ridzi at
315-422-9538 or