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Staff Advancement Mini Grant Initiative

The Staff Advancement Initiative is specifically geared towards the career development of individual front-line nonprofit staff. By investing in the skills and competencies of these invaluable staff members, this initiative strives to increase career advancement potential for non-management or entry-level management employees, as well as the organizational capacity of the nonprofit entities they serve.

In order to provide equitable opportunity to all qualified organizations, the Community Foundation awards no more than two Staff Advancement Grants (one grant per person) within a 12-month period to a single 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Onondaga and Madison Counties.

This initiative was designed to support professional seminars and training opportunities not covered by existing budget plans. Trainings can vary from  one-day skill-building courses to multi-day career-enhancing seminars offered outside New York State. Associated costs, such as travel, lodging and childcare, are allowable expenditures. Please be aware that tuition for college degrees will not be supported through this initiative. We ask that you kindly limit each funding request to $750 or less.

This program is limited to the front-line staff, non-management or entry-level management employees of nonprofit organizations, and focuses on individualized career advancement for workers who interface directly with clients on a daily basis. It is not intended to support training opportunities for middle or upper management staff positions. In-house group training sessions, webinars, and training opportunities that focus on administrative functions cannot be considered under this initiative.Notification of grant decision is usually made within ten business days.

If you have any questions or are unsure whether a specific training opportunity is a good fit for the Staff Advancement Initiative, please contact contact Danielle Johnson at 883-5554 or email djohnson@cnycf.org


Staff Advancement Initiatives Documents

 Application Form
 Grant Report Form
Important Note: This application form is a fillable PDF form. This form is compatible with Adobe Reader. If you are using a Mac, please download Adobe Reader to fill out this form. The form is not compatible with the default Mac Preview program. Thank you!

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