Group of Women sitting together

When her husband passed away fifteen years ago, Jeanne Lawler was faced with a decision regarding which organizations to support from her family’s charitable foundation. She decided that in order to make a big impact, she was going to need to recruit others to join...

Carlton and Shirley West

The Wests

Carlton and Shirley West live and breathe CNY. Their giving will provide perpetual support to several local charities that are important to them.

The Reids sitting together in their living room

The Reids

Four generations of Reids have called Syracuse home, forging a strong bond with the local community.

The Peckhams sit in their home

The Peckhams

The Peckhams live by the motto that you make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.

Mary Pat Oliker sits in a chair

Mary Pat Oliker

Central New York has been Mary Pat’s home for 50 years. It is where she met her husband, where their careers flourished and where they discovered a shared commitment to the many nonprofit and charitable organizations making a difference in their community.

Mary Mathews poses with her dog

Mary Mathews

Mary’s parents were always great role models for her. They provided support to the community in so many ways, and she felt it was important to do the same.

Anne Lloyd

Anne Lloyd

As a single mother of two young boys, there were times when Anne Lloyd struggled to feed her family. She now feels a strong desire to help others by giving back to the same community that so greatly impacted her.

The Linns pose with their dogs

The Linns

Bob and Zalie have great compassion for the community’s four-legged friends. They contribute their time and make donations to a whole host of animal charities.

Richard Levy

Richard Levy

Richard Levy's life changed forever when he was forced to flee Nazi Germany as a young, Jewish boy. Now his legacy will carry on in support of causes that resonate with his life experiences.

Joyce Homan stands in front of her painting

Joyce Homan

Joyce Homan is an artist, activist, and philanthropist who lives, works and gives in Central New York. Joyce and her late husband, Ray, lived through The Great Depression and therefore viewed material goods as secondary to compassion and experience.