Jim Mackin standing in his office

Jim Mackin

Jim wants Central New York to be a place where everyone can realize their personal dreams.

Lee Gatta standing at a fireplace.

Lee and her husband, Joe, feel blessed by the support they have received over the years from the Central New York community.

The Mezzalingua Family stands together at MPH

John Mezzalingua's experience as a student, parent and board member at Manlius Pebble Hill School (MPH) has been life-changing. It ignited in him, and now his children, a life-long love of learning and a commitment to addressing problems creatively.

Catherine Winger

Catherine Winger had always contributed to local charities but she wanted her engagement to go beyond simply writing a check. Her career had afforded her the opportunity to live a life of service, but she longed for a deeper connection to her community by engaging...

Bob and Peter Derrenbacker sitting at their office

Bob Derrenbacker

Bob and his wife established a donor-advised fund at the Community Foundation many years ago so that they could build a personal charitable account over time.

Craig Buckhout at his office, overlooking Syracuse

Craig Buckhout

Craig often recommends us to his clients because creating a fund is a simple and convenient way to give back to the community while receiving tax-saving benefits.

Vickie Brackens, standing at the Philanthropy Center

Vicki Brackens

Vicki's dad always told her that the best way to eat an elephant was one piece at a time.

A staff advancement recipient poses with two men from her agency.

More than twenty years ago, Mike and Elaine Crough identified a common challenge among social service employees – that a large number of those working below the executive level lacked opportunities for further training and advancement.

The Alhariris, a New American Family, sit together in their Syracuse home

Giving Voice Fall 2019: Cover Story

The Breuer family pose in the snow while sledding

Giving Voice Fall 2019: Donor Story