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The Leadership Classroom is a program for residents or grassroots groups that are or want to be active in improving the quality of life in their neighborhoods. Through intensive and interactive training sessions with other resident leaders, The Leadership Classroom teaches the practical skills that help make stronger, more effective neighborhood and grassroots leaders.

Participants learn to build skills in leading groups and projects. They learn more about neighborhood resources and how to gather community support. Much of the learning also occurs from interacting and building relationships with other leaders who are similarly involved in neighborhood work.

Since 1993, the Community Foundation has provided skills and relationship training to over 200 grassroots leaders and volunteers from neighborhood associations and grassroots groups in the greater Syracuse area.

How to Apply

The Leadership Classroom accepts applications in the summer of each year. Applications must be sent to: The Leadership Classroom, c/o Central New York Community Foundation, 431 East Fayette Street, Suite 100, Syracuse, NY 13202. Applications can also be emailed to grants@cnycf.org.

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