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The Webbs

When we moved to Syracuse from Rochester in 1984, we felt welcomed by the people in our new community. We quickly adjusted to life here, engaging in our children’s schools, volunteer work, youth sports and our neighborhood.  We found the area a wonderful place to raise our family.  We feel fortunate that our three children with our five grandchildren have also chosen to make Syracuse their home. 

We both began our careers in the banking industry and we have been conscious of the need to make good financial decisions. We chose to contribute appreciated stock to seed our donor-advised fund at the Community Foundation. Our fund helps us supplement our giving, and administration of the fund has been very easy. The staff’s expertise has been extremely helpful as we make grants from the fund.

We both come from families where giving and helping others was just a way of life. Jack’s mother volunteered at church and other community organizations, while his father spent time volunteering for the local fire department. Linda’s mother and father also set the volunteering example. Her mother often has knitting needles in her hands to make mittens for children in the Rochester city schools - over 500 pairs to date. Those values were ingrained in us as we raised our own family, and now we are trying to instill in to our grandchildren the spirit of giving. We will engage them in the process of making grants from our fund as they grow.

Through our own volunteering we have seen the wonderful work that many local organizations are doing and the continued need to support them. We use our fund to support a variety of arts, healthcare and human service organizations. An attractive part about our fund is we are not limited to where we can give. The flexibility is very convenient.

We chose to contribute appreciated stock to seed our donor-advised fund.  The expertise available at the CNY Community Foundation has made establishing our fund convenient. Making grants from our fund is simplified by having the ability to allocate grants electronically. 

We want to ensure that future generations will enjoy the quality of life that we have now. Through our donor-advised fund, the Community Foundation has made that possible.


If you're interested in opening a donor-advised fund, learn more here.