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Marsellus Executive Development Program

The Marsellus Executive Development program is an opportunity to identify and build on your strengths as a nonprofit leader, elevate your thinking, and connect with a strong group of peers – generally hitting the refresh button for your leadership. The work will benefit your organization, the constituents you serve, and also importantly you.

This is a 6-month initiative that runs from September through March, and requires a time investment of approximately 8-10 hours per month. It utilizes four main strategies to assist leaders to feel more focused, energized, and professionally satisfied:

  • 360˚ assessment to identify individual strengths and opportunities
  • Monthly individual coaching sessions
  • Monthly group-identified, consultant-led peer learning sessions. Participants will identify topics of interest as a group. These topics could include the following:
    • Leading in dynamic times
    • Doing more with less
    • Developing your strengths as leader
    • Aligning a shared vision
    • Challenging the process
    • Enabling others to act
    • Knowing your limits, managing time, and lessening stress
  • Monthly group-led processing meetings

Executive Directors of organizations within Onondaga or Madison counties may apply for an individualized leadership development opportunity through this initiative. This program is designed to help nonprofit executives who are ready to enhance their capacity for leadership, make changes in their work performance, and use a coaching process and peer-learning group to achieve maximum impact in their organization. Up to eight individuals will be selected for this program per year.  Participants will be expected to attend every monthly meeting and individual coaching session and to be open to exploring ways to enhance their individual leadership skills.

The first component of the program, Executive Director coaching, requires a significant investment of time and open-mindedness. The second component to this work involves participation in a peer-learning community, allowing those in the program to connect and access the richness of their peers. Participation in the program requires involvement in both components.

This program is sponsored by the Community Foundation, and facilitated by The Leading Element, a third party consulting firm.  As such, personal and professional information shared by participants with the consultants and members of the cohort is confidential.

How to Apply

Interested individuals may fill out and submit an application electronically to Grants@cnycf.org by TBD. Questions regarding the application and program may be directed to Danielle Johnson at djohnson@cnycf.org or 883-5554.


Marsellus Executive Development Documents 



Important Note: This application form is a fillable PDF form. This form is compatible with Adobe Reader. If you are using a Mac, please download Adobe Reader to fill out this form. The form is not compatible with the default Mac Preview program. Thank you!


Questions about the Executive Development program may be directed to Danielle Johnson at (315) 883-5554 or email djohnson@cnycf.org.