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Create a Legacy Plan

At the Community Foundation, we believe that charitable legacy comprises so much more than just a monetary gift. Every donor has a unique giving story and your charitable legacy is an important part of our communal history. Creating a Legacy Plan can help you to connect with your motivations for giving, as well as to preserve your charitable legacy for years to come. By documenting your giving story now, you are essentially creating a roadmap for your future philanthropic efforts, which will serve as a way for successive generations to access your charitable intentions and inspirations even after you are gone.

Community Foundation staff are available to walk you through this process, which may be tailored to fit your individual goals and wishes. The following provides a general outline of what goes into creating a typical Legacy Plan:


Call us. The Community Foundation’s flexible philanthropic planning services afford donors a range of options.Community Foundation staff members are on hand to answer your questions and help determine whether the Legacy Plan is right for you.

Complete the Legacy Workbook. The Legacy Workbook provides a series of questionnaires and writing prompts designed to help donors document their unique giving story. You may complete as little or as much of the workbook as you see fit.

Meet with a Community Foundation staff member. Meet with us to talk through your written responses and discuss your wishes for the future use of your legacy fund.

Finalize Plan. A staff member will help you craft a formal Legacy Plan, using your written responses to writing prompts and information collected during follow-up discernment conversations. Ultimately, the Legacy Plan will be used to govern the use of your charitable legacy fund, as well as to preserve your giving story.

View our Legacy Planning one-pager to see what you can expect while creating your legacy plan. View our Legacy Giving Brochure to learn how you can be remembered by the community you love.

If you are interested in learning more about the Legacy Plan, we invite you to contact us by phone at 315.422.9538 or email legacy@cnycf.org

Tell Your Story

Storytelling, especially about your own life, gives you the freedom to bring your values and experiences to life, to reflect on the meaning and impact of important events on your life’s path, to uncover the causes most important to you and to leave a written account of your journey that can be shared with friends and family now or after you are gone. 

View Sample Legacy Plans

The following Legacy Plan samples were created by Community Foundation Legacy Society members who agreed to share their work with you. We hope they inspire and guide you to get started with sharing your own passions, generosity and goals by creating a Legacy Plan.

 Sample 1
 Sample 2

Online Legacy Workbook

Click here to access your online legacy workbook. 


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