The Murphys sit in their home with their two dogs

The Murphys

Two elder generations of the Murphy family have long partnered with us to facilitate their giving. Choosing a similar path was a natural fit for Pat and Kim when they decided to get started with their charitable giving.

Eric and Judy Mower stand in Armory Square

The Mowers

The Mowers’ initial funding relationship with us came some years ago when a small number of Eric’s colleagues established a donor-advised fund here as a way of recognizing their work together.

George and Luella Krahl with their dog

The Krahls

The Krahls raised four children and now enjoy seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. They have instilled their values in their children through example, serving as long-standing community volunteers and supporters for many nonprofit organizations.

The Kings

The Kings

After his military service, Russ was busy growing the family business while Jiggy was working hard at the task of raising the couple’s four children. Despite their busy lives, they both found time to give of themselves in support of a number of causes dear...

The Johnsons sitting holding a photo of their son

The Johnsons

In 2007, William Johnson's heart couldn’t keep up with the demands of his growing body and he passed away. With assistance, his parents opened the William Johnson Memorial Fund to keep his memory alive.

Gordon Hershberger

Gordon Hershberger is honoring his late wife's memory by supporting causes that were important to her. Local women fighting cancer now have an extra layer of support thanks to their passion and efforts.

Ruth Hancock sits on the porch of her home

Ruth Hancock

Both Ruth and her husband, Stewart Hancock, grew up in families in which charitable giving was just a part of what they did.

Mark and Karla Hall

Mark and Karla Hall's common threads of love for family, devotion to faith and dedication to bettering their community overshadow the fact that they grew up many miles apart.

Dottie Fowler

Dottie Fowler

After Dottie retired from twenty years of teaching and sold the business that she ran for ten years, she was blessed with the opportunity to focus her energy on many things she enjoys. Especially important to her was having the opportunity to donate her time...

Group of Women sitting together

When her husband passed away fifteen years ago, Jeanne Lawler was faced with a decision regarding which organizations to support from her family’s charitable foundation. She decided that in order to make a big impact, she was going to need to recruit others to join...