The inaugural recipient of the Robert and Roberta Hurd Scholarship Fund, Wyatt recently packed up his Subaru with his girlfriend and headed to Seattle with their three hamsters, Tulip, Hotchie and Motchie, to start his career.

Oneida Community Mansion House

“They were sensationally good parents,” Joe remarked. Lang and Nini will both be remembered fondly by their family as kind, patient caregivers who loved each other, their family and their community with every fiber of their beings.

Richard levy stands with his wife

Giving Voice Spring 2021: Donor Story

By working hard and being thoughtful with their spending, the pair had everything they needed while still maintaining a portion they could set aside for the charities that they care about.

Madelyn Hornstein

In her role as a Certified Public Accountant, Madelyn Hornstein is often asked for charitable giving advice by her clients interested in establishing a private foundation. She always recommends the Community Foundation as an option to consider.

The McCurn Family

Around the time Neal McCurn was considering retirement, he established the McCurn Family Fund, which would be funded through his estate. He wanted his grown children to use it to help organizations that mirrored the values that he and his wife taught them growing up.

Matt Wilson with his late wife's parents at Helping Hounds

Matt Wilson

After his wife’s sudden death, Matt Wilson set out to continue Kelly’s legacy with help from her friends at Helping Hounds Dog Rescue.

Patrick Wiese stands with his mother in the dugout at CBA

Patrick Wiese

Patrick Wiese and his mother, Kathleen, established the Patrick Wiese Foundation Fund after Patrick’s own battle with cancer inspired him to support others in similar struggles who are striving to attend college.

Jack and Linda Webb with their grandchildren at Green Lakes

The Webbs

Both Jack and Linda came from families where giving and helping others was just a way of life. Those values were ingrained in the pair as they raised their own family, and now they try to instill in their grandchildren the spirit of giving.

John and Marcia Watt with On Point for College

The Watts

John and Marcia Watt believe that a path to higher education should be accessible to anyone who has the desire and the will to continue their education. That is why they support On Point for College, a valuable resource for college-eligible young adults in the...