The McCurn Family

Around the time Neal McCurn was considering retirement, he established the McCurn Family Fund, which would be funded through his estate. He wanted his grown children to use it to help organizations that mirrored the values that he and his wife taught them growing up.

John F. Marsellus

In 1973 John F. Marsellus established a donor-advised fund, which for nearly 30 years administered his charitable giving. At the time of his death in 2000, his estate plan included naming us in his will as a major beneficiary.

Bruce Lane and Steven Gillette

Bruce and Steven enjoyed a 27-year love story before their retirement years were cut short upon their tragic passings. A combined trust and estate gift of more than $2.5 million in support of the couple’s most cherished charities will be continuing their legacy of caring...

Juliette Klein Sharpe

Julie Sharpe was an amazingly spirited woman who cared deeply for others and the community she called home. Thanks to her forethought, Julie's legacy will carry on her generous spirit for generations.

Robert and Roberta Hurd

Robert and Roberta Hurd never had children, but both believed strongly in the importance of a good education, thankful for how well their Phoenix school experience set them up to succeed.

Headshot of Ursula Hubby

Ursula Hubby

Ursula Hubby dedicated more than 30 years to teaching young minds in Syracuse. She once said, “You have a life to give and it’s nice to look back and feel you’ve done something productive with it.”

Frank Hiscock

Judge Frank Harris Hiscock had a powerful desire to assist the less fortunate and improve the quality of life in Syracuse and its surrounding areas. His legacy continues to make an impact through the work of Hiscock Legal Aid Society.

Bud & Nancy Haylor in their garden

Bud Haylor

Burnett (Bud) Haylor’s 92 years in Syracuse contributed to a life well lived. Now his legacy of generosity will live on in his name for generations.

Florence Gaedeke

Florence shared that what inspired her philanthropy was that she just wanted to help people. Her giving will continue for generations to come as a lasting reminder of Florence and her husbands generosity, and a lasting memorial to the son they lost too soon. 

Margaret Early

Margaret Early

Having served in the education field her entire career, Margaret Early established a scholarship fund for local students in our community. Her hope was that others will also be inspired to set up funds to support education through us.