Joyce Homan stands in front of her painting

Joyce Homan

Joyce Homan is an artist, activist, and philanthropist who lives, works and gives in Central New York. Joyce and her late husband, Ray, lived through The Great Depression and therefore viewed material goods as secondary to compassion and experience.

The Hezels

The Hezels

Growing up in large families with modest means, as they both did respectively, in the city of Buffalo and the village of Marathon, Richard and Janice’s tightly-knit families rarely lacked for what they truly needed.

Barb Genton

Barbara Genton

When Barb was growing up in Syracuse in the 1950s, she observed her parents participating in civic and religious organizations while balancing work and home responsibilities.

Linda Hartsock and her son

Linda Hartsock

For Linda Hartsock, it has been gratifying to live in Central New York and to engage in community revitalization. She has worked hard to instill the importance of community in her three sons.

Nick Renzi stands in his backyard in Cortland

Nick Renzi

When Nick and Agnes Renzi moved to Cortland they fell in love with the community and the nonprofit organizations within it. Now their legacies and wishes for supporting those nonprofits will be stewarded for generations.

Harold and Winona Bristol posing together in suit and dress

Harold Bristol

When Harold and Noni married at age 22, they started giving to charity right away. Read how their legacy fund will help them continue to make an impact that goes beyond what they could have ever imagined.

Bernie Henderson Oswego

Bernie Henderson

“Call me boring, but I love this area and I feel it is well worth working to preserve and enhance it,” said Bernie.

Letty Murray in front of framed photo from her wedding day

A woman's extraordinary and inspiring persona is fueled by her generosity, kindness, and responsibility.

A nurse checks heartbeat on a patient

An anonymous donor recently left a $2.2 million gift to the Central New York Community Foundation upon her passing.

Bud & Nancy Haylor in their garden

It is never too early to start thinking about estate and legacy planning