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Our SRI investment pool seeks to support, promote and advance the values and impact areas embodied in our mission and vision.

Corinthian Club members

Giving Voice Spring 2022: Donor Story

George Wortley

George listened to each constituent and valued their time. He appreciated talent whether it was from a high school student or a senior citizen.

Peter A. Dunn

Giving Voice Fall 2021: Point of View

hand holding growing money

For tax planning purposes, changes in residency status for snowbirds or those with dual residences can lead to additional scrutiny to determine a taxpayer’s “domicile” (permanent and principal home), but it needn’t mean severing all ties with the place they called home for much of...

Building windows with art

Giving Voice Fall 2021: Giving Matters

Giving Voice Fall 2021: Grantee Story

Giving Voice Fall 2021: Cover Story

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Giving Voice Fall 2021

Steve and Elaine Jacobs stand in front of the CNY Philanthropy Center.

“I realized that the people in this community were the same people who helped me build the business and become financially successful, therefore I knew I needed to give back to the community that helped me so much.”