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The Jacobs

Running a business in Central New York has been very rewarding, and has inspired us to give back to the community that supported us. Our success provided the means to open a donor-advised fund at the Community Foundation, which offers a simple, flexible and cost-effective vehicle for managing our charitable giving. We closed our private foundation in favor of a donor-advised fund because of its low fees and ease of management. It is comforting to know that we can count on the Community Foundation as stewards of our permanent fund, faithfully executing our charitable wishes even after we are gone.

In addition, the Community Foundation's exceptional financial stewardship led us to feel confident in turning over the management of our Charitable Remainder Trust to their capable hands. The Community Foundation will manage the origination of the fund upon Steve's death, as well as its subsequent management and distribution. We know that after Steve passes on, the Community Foundation will continue to manage our funds with the same philosophy and intent that we embrace.

We have been blessed with success, thanks to the support of our community over the years. We give locally as a way to show our appreciation, and invite others to join us in giving back through the Community Foundation. We want to encourage other local business owners to think about where they would like their money to go and to consider giving back to the community that helped make their businesses successful.


If you're interested in opening a donor advised fund, learn more here.