Nine nonprofit organizations from Oswego, Onondaga, Madison and Cayuga counties were awarded grants from the Women’s Fund of Central New York.

Several plans for a new museum were found in Helen Everson's home, suggesting that she may have hoped to see a new building erected during her lifetime.

She was an accomplished writer and authored several highly acclaimed research papers, often based on historical themes, including a paper on the history of Iroquois Wampum, as well as a general history of Onondaga County, both of which are still regularly referenced at the Onondaga...

In 1896, the Wieting Theater burned down for a 3rd time, and Mary re-built it again, making it bigger and better, turning it into the number one theater in Syracuse.

Gifford inherited just over $1,000,000 (equivalent to approximately $16,700,000 in today’s dollars).

Sage's estate at the time of her death consisted of close to $50,000,000, almost all of which went to charity.